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Almost two years ago, I made the decision to make healthier eating habits. It was a combination of wanting to be healthier, but it was also because there were so many people getting sick of cancer.

It all boils down to the nutrition we give our bodies, our mental attitude, and the products we use. I may be a little obssessive compulsive about sticking to healthy choices at times, but I also allow myself to eat unhealthy food every once in a while. Indulging in a big chunk of chocolate cake can help avoid binging in the long run. Just remember that it’s okay.

Here are 11 steps for a healthier you!

1. Increase your water intake. Bring a water jug with you at all times (if possible).

When you’re bored, you’ll find yourself sipping from your jug, and before you know it, it’s time to refill!

2. Eliminate or significantly reduce fast foods.

3. Avoid pork.

4. Eliminate canned goods/processed foods.

Sometimes it’s hard to do this, but believe me, your sodium levels will thank you!

5. If you love chips, like me, switch to organic/all natural chips. No MSG!

6. If you find yourself overdosing on sweets or junk food, limit your intake per day.

Reduce those six squares per day to three. It’s all about baby steps.

7. Train yourself to be positive.

When you dwell on the negatives, your whole day will be nothing but a sulky fit. It takes massive amount of will and awareness to change the pattern, but it can be done. Start by catching yourself and turning around that spiral. Watch funny videos online, listen to happy songs, talk to your friends about how you are feeling and let them know that you are on the path to changing your negative habits so they can remind you to be positive.

8. Smile!

Yes, SMILE. A lot of us forget that this simple gesture can affect our moods. Try smiling for 2 minutes, and you’ll feel a lot better after.

9. Hug people.

Hug your friends, and family. It’s another way of showing them affection, but I learned (don’t ask me where, I can’t remember) that hugging heals!

10. Be grateful.

Gratitude is powerful. It can turn your mood around, and it is one way of staying positive. Start your day by writing at least 5 things you are grateful for, and why you are grateful for them.

11. Meditate.

This is one of the challenging activities I’ve had to incorporate in my routine, but thanks to Ella from We Need to Live More, I pushed myself to try it. I started with 1 minute per day, and worked my way up from that. I noticed my mood swings drastically reduced, and my patience when driving.

Do you have any health tips you’d like to share with the community? Comment them below. I’d love to learn more, and I’m sure your fellow wonderers will appreciate the new info as well. 🙂

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