Here are three easy tips that you can do to help you on find gigs

There’s nothing like experiencing the music you love through a live show. You can feel the pulse of the song as if it were a living thing. 

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is, “How do you find out about gigs?”

When you’re starting to explore any music scene, whether local or foreign, it can be tricky to find out about a gig. Here are three basic tips on how to find gigs and get you started on your journey in exploring the live music scene in your area.

Tip #1: Follow artist profiles

The first thing you can do is to follow social media pages of the bands you’re into. These artists post their gig schedules either on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. This is the most direct way to see what they’re up to. You can even ask them what their set time is, so you can plan your night accordingly.

Tip #2: Follow concert producers

Concert/gig producers organise live shows around the metro. Sometimes, they even hold music festivals. Going to a music festival is a great way to discover more local talent.

Tip #3: Follow bars and gig venues

There are more and more venues that hold gigs or concerts. Whether it be a full blown production or hole-in-the-wall type of event that showcases acoustic acts, more bars, cafes and even restaurants offer the experience of live music. More often that not, if the place is a gig venue, they’ll have a gig calendar up on their Facebook page or website.

Curious to know more about specific gig venues? Check out the Gig Venue Guide series that has in-depth information about a venue.

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How about you? 

How do you find out about gigs? Do you also follow any of the accounts listed above?

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  1. I normally just do #1 and i get shocked when i find out someone i like is coming to town! Thanks for the additionals tips! Now i know more ways to see if someone is coming to town 🙂

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