It’s been a month since Tagaytay Art Beat. Can you believe it?! I want to rent a time travel machine for a day so I can relive it. I’m hoping Doc Def Productions organises another one, pronto!

Tagaytay Art Beat is a music and art night located in…drum roll, please…the scenic, cool city of Tagaytay! The moment I read “music and art night” coupled with an opportunity to go out of town, I was a goner. Of course when I saw that some of my favourite local performers were part of the line-up, I needed no further convincing. I was going to make this happen.

I hadn’t been so excited for a local gig in a while. It was the perfect get-away from a stressful workweek.

My friend and I left the metro at 1:30pm to beat the notorious Tagaytay traffic. As we climbed up, there was no traffic (yet) but I found out later on that it did get traffic come late afternoon. I guess everyone from the metro was flocking to this event!

Museo Orlina

We arrived at Museo Orlina before the program started, so we took a quick peek around the gallery. We had to go to the bathroom, but when we asked where it was, they pointed outside. As we turned the curb, I spotted a clump of rectangular boxes: portalets–a girl’s worst nightmare. Since we were hungry, we decided to grab a snack.

After a quick bite at Starbucks, we headed back to Museo Orlina. At first I didn’t know where to look. When we had entered the gallery earlier, the place was surrounded with art–the exhibit as well as the famous Orlina sculptures–that I wondered where the bands were going to perform. Sometimes we get so caught up on focusing on what’s in front of us that we don’t see the big picture. We forget to look around. That’s what happened to me. It was only when I asked that I realised that if I had just looked to my right, past the low metal balcony from the gallery that there was an outdoor amphitheatre.

Tagaytay Art beat

“Ahhh!” I found myself saying. There was a stage set up at the end of the garden. Bean bags courtesy of Red Bull and grass everywhere for people to sit on. It felt like I was back in Wanderland music fest, only this time it was an all local line-up. I loved it!

Before settling down here; however, we explored every nook and cranny of the place that we could! Upstairs was the DJ stage as well as the food stalls and a spectacular view of Taal!

Tagaytay Taal

My friend and I found a good spot about three meters from the stage and at the centre. By the time we planted ourselves in our little spot, Paolo Mallari had just gotten on stage. I didn’t get to catch the name of the band before him, but I really would have liked to know!

There were so many talented musicians in the line-up. The whole experience was like drinking hot cocoa on a rainy night–warming to the soul.

Tagaytay Art Beat

I discovered so many new bands that night and felt so inspired by the abundance of art. I even made a few new friends. Social skills level-up! Haha. I met one of the exhibitors, Lee Caces. Ya’ll check out his art. His illustrations are so good! I was too shy to approach Reese Lansangan though.

The Ransom Collective Tagaytay Art beat

My favourite performances were from Reese Lansangan (I totally geeked out when she sang Grammar Nazi and On Wednesdays We Wear Pink) and The Ransom Collective. I always enjoy singing my heart’s content to Ransom!

Aside from being an amazing photographer, Artu Nepomuceno also sells ice cream sandwiches. He had a booth, so naturally, I decided to try the chocolate flavoured one. It was really yummy!

If only food was allowed in the garden, but I totally understand why it wasn’t. Tagaytay Art Beat was such a great experience. I really do hope they plan another one soon.

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