Space troopers, unite! We left our camping gear behind to suit up intergalactic style to journey to Wanderland Planet. Throw the glitter, bring out the space-themed ponchos and imagine you’re in a galaxy far, far away.

I guess from my description it’s obvious that this year’s Wanderland Music Festival theme was outer space. Wanderland is one of my favourite annual festivals because it has this chill-vibe, great music and showcases local art! Though I love the standard concert feel–jumping up and down with a jam-packed crowd–Wanderland’s chill vibe is one of the things I look forward to the most. It’s nice to take a breather from the mosh pit and trade it in for a picnic spot over looking a stage!

Wanderland Planet Portal

Once you pass the tunnel’s dark veil, expect to be transported to outer space. Three, two, one–blast off!

This year, Wanderland had more of that festival mosh pit feel. I was overwhelmed at the sheer number of people when I walked in. It was early in the afternoon yet the place was brimming with people! I shouldn’t have been surprised as there was a long line even at the gates. Wanderland really boomed this year.

Like a true concertgoer my next thought was “Oh no! Where will we pitch our fort?” I first found a small spot beside the Globe Galaxy–it’s a huge Globe booth with loads of fun activities. Once the band had finished, people dispersed and that was when I went on stealth mode to find the perfect spot. And I did–right at the middle of the stage about twenty meters away.

I plopped our mats on the grass and set up fort. My guess is that the elevated VIP deck was why so many people would stand up and crowd at the stage whenever the acts were on. The deck covered the view for those who normally stay at the back area of the event grounds.

The crowd at Wanderland 2016

Aside from my constant concert buddies, my High School friends were there too and it was great to catch up with them even if only for a bit!

And I finally met John and Iya! It’s always great meeting online friends and fellow music photographers/ creatives in real life!

Wanders rocket ready to blast off

One of the things I always miss out on are the activities at Wanderland. I prioritise watching live performances that whenever I go to try the activities the lines are either too long (I get worried I’ll miss too much of the performance or the band I’ve been waiting) or it’s almost closing time! Haha!


There’s a trend in today’s music festivals and it’s the cashless payment system which was also implemented during Wanderland. They called it wandertap for Wanderland. The lines everywhere were insanely long that I kept putting off eating. There was just so many people everywhere that at one point the lines were at a standstill! Wandertap should have made it faster but sometimes the processing time was long. Point in case: when I bought an item from one of the art shops the guy kept tapping my wristband more than five times to process payment. It’s a good system to have in place, but probably just needs more tweaks to make it better next time! 🙂

Death Cab for Cutie at Wanderland Music Fest

This year’s lineup was great: from amazing local tastemakers like Jensen and the Flips,  Cheats, Curtismith, Jess Connelly, CRWN, Chad Valley, Commandeur and Wanderband winner Oh, Flamingo to international acts like Blackbird Blackbird, San Cisco, Panama, The Naked and Famous, Bon Iver, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Death Cab for Cutie is my favourite–just finally seeing them live after how many years. My grade school self would be very proud! Bon Iver’s performance was hair-raising especially when he performed Lost in the World. That guy is insanely talented!

Up to this day, I still can’t believe I witnessed such amazing performances. As always, a huge thank you to Philippine Concerts and Karpos Multimedia! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to  where next year’s Wanderland will take us. I always am! 😉

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