Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

gift ideas for music lovers

In only a few weeks, it’s Christmas again. Signs of this magical season manifest early especially if you live in the Philippines. The first day of September already signals Christmas season. It’s the time we start to hear Christmas carols in shopping malls. Then, in a matter of weeks, Christmas lights are up, the wind gets chillier, special Christmas drinks and food are out in the market.

And though Christmas is a magical time, it can be stressful if you’ve run out of gift ideas for your friends, relatives, your boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for music lovers, and even though it’s Christmas season, you can refer back to this list any time you need gift ideas for someone who loves music. I enjoyed curating this list and hope it helps you.

Gift ideas for music lovers


Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Being able to listen to music on the go is a must for music lovers, so whether they’re waiting in line, commuting, traveling or using their computer, having a good pair of headphones is an investment. I’ve yet to invest in high quality headphones since my earphones are nearing their shelf life, but they’re definitely on my wish list.

Concert journal

If you know someone who loves going to gigs and concerts, collects their ticket stubs, prints out their photos and loves documenting their experiences in music, then this concert journal is perfect for them. There are blank pages for sticking their ticket stubs or meet and greet passes as well as their photos. There is also lined pages so that every memory of the gig or concert can be remembered in ink.


CDs or vinyl records

Not a lot of music lovers still collect CDs or vinyl records, but for those who do, gifting them with a record they’ve been saving up for would mean a lot.


The sound quality of music ranks high for music lovers, so if you’re gifting someone who doesn’t yet have good quality speakers, then this one’s for that person. Talk to musicians or the salespersons at an audio shop to help you pick the best speakers within your budget.


Music attic subscription box

music attic subscription box

Music attic offers subscription boxes with music-themed merchandise. The beauty of subscription boxes is that every box contains something different and what’s inside is a surprise every time.


Band merchandise

unboxing video lany by lany box set

Band merchandise is quite challenging to find in the Philippines. There is no one stop shop to buy posters or t-shirts unless you get them from the artist themselves online or at a concert. Though there are times that collaborations happen with apparel shops. Right now, the best option is to either buy the artist merchandise at a concert or online.

Band Feels Manila stickers


Band Feels Manila sells music merchandise such as stickers, card sets and even framed prints.

Spotify Premium

For those who prefer online streaming to physical copies of their music, Spotify has been a real game changer for music streaming. I love their discover feature, which helps me find my next favorite artists, so if you know someone who loves Spotify, you can purchase a premium subscription as a gift. 

Gig Tickets

If you want to go all out and have the budget for it, you can gift a music lover a concert ticket. Not only will it be a great gift, but the experience of being able to watch his or her favorite band live is unforgettable.


Personalised playlist

If you want a more intimate and personal touch, curate a personalised playlist or mixtape via Spotify. Add that DIY element to it when you buy a blank CD case, decorate it and then stick the Spotify playlist link on the CD. That way it still has the physical feel of a mixtape even if the playlist you made is online.


There you have it–a round-up of gift ideas for music lovers. I really hope this list is helpful. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, I’d love to know in the comments below.


*Featured photo by Caley Dimmock

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