Calling All Hustlers: All Time Low is in a movie called Fangirl!

Yesterday, I saw Alternative Press’s post about All Time Low being in a movie called Fangirl. It’s about this girl who loves bands–particularly All Time Low–and turns it into the subject of her school project. Bands! Music! All Time Low! Fan-girling! This movie is like my life in a nutshell. I love a LOT of bands and I love documenting them, so it definitely strikes a chord. I know fellow fan-girls and hustlers will want to catch this film.

From what I’ve gathered, it’s going to be an ABC Family movie that will premier on October 3rd. Cue Mean Girls reference (Aaron: What day is it? Cady: It’s October 3rd!). This means, it’s available to the U.S. for now, but I really, really hope they will make it available for online download via iTunes or something. I have to watch the movie. It’ll be about an hour and a half of me squealing and relating to what the protagonist is going through.

You can read more about the movie on Alternative Press here.

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