Soi Music TV
There’s a new music channel on the block–err, the Internet!–and it’s Soi Music TV! Finally an online platform that highlights musical talent across Asia. One look at their YouTube channel and you will see that they do not limit themselves to one genre, rather it is their focus to feature as many artists and musicians...
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Paradise IMF Giveaway
You may have heard there’s a new international music festival in town… Paradise IMF! And guess what? I’m giving away 2 GA tickets or 2 GA Paradise keys as they are called! So if you were worrying about how to get tickets even though the date is so close and you don’t have enough moolah...
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It was a normal Saturday morning, scrolling without aim and wasting the time on social media. Normal, or so I thought. I saw one of your close friends post a throwback photo on your wall. It should have not bothered me, for people post throwbacks all the time, but something inside of me knew it was...
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Whoever said silence is deafening never heard the resonating screams of thousands of fans in an arena. I’ve been in the arena for concerts multiple times, but 3logyinManila was my first arena show as an official photographer. The night before the show I was informed that I would be shooting the show as well! I...
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Days in Wonderland giveaway
Happy Birthday, Days in Wonderland! It’s giveaway time!! I’m buying myself a cupcake or lava cake to celebrate. 1 year since the official launch of this little nook in the Internet, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you to everyone who has supported my website along the way–my friends, family, and the new people...
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