Chasing your dreams
Have Courage to Start Over and Stay Positive
Starting over can be scary. We can get stuck and forget that growth happens when we put ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances and take risks. When I began Days in Wonderland, I wanted it to inspire people to live their wonder—to go after their dreams and passions. My dreams and passions revolve around music, travel, and...
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I’m a firm believer in The Secret; and I’ll say, hands down, it works. If you are not familiar with The Secret, it is a philosophy centered on the law of attraction. What this means is that whatever you believe is what manifests in your life. Example: You believe that you are unlucky because bad...
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Two years ago, I stumbled upon a challenge on Tumblr that summoned volunteers to try out a gratitude exercise. Little did I know then how much of an impact it would make as I took on the challenge. Every day for a year I would have to write a small note about what I was thankful...
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