sharendipity benefit gig
Happening this November 29 at Warehouse Eight is the Sharendipity benefit gig. Sharendipity: a benefit gig is a collaboration between Share Movement and Nate Punzalan. Share Movement exemplifies its name–it inspires people to give back and share whatever they can to the community. As stated in their official website, “It can be your time, influence,...
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On the first of October, Bandwagon held its first ever Music Market in the Philippines. It has had several runs in Singapore–the country where Bandwagon originated–but finally made its way to Manila this year. The Bandwagon Music Market (BWMM2016) showcased creativity be it through art or music. Located at the PowerMac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati,...
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In an interview with Moonwlk, Gabbi Buencamino and Nicholas Lazaro expressed their gratitude to those who helped them with their first music video. “Without the help of everyone around us, it wouldn’t have come to fruition at all,” Gabbi shared. ‘Prefer’ music video is the product of collective support and help of people, thus Gabbi stating that...
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Ever since Scout Magazine’s launch, I look forward to their annual parties. If you’re a music lover like me, then it’s the kind of party you’d love: an ace line-up of local music gems packed in one night, a fun theme with matching activities. Of course, for those who love their booze, there’s free beer as well!...
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She's Only Sixteen MAS! Alabang Town Center
MAS! by Style Origin is a festival-inspired event featuring more Music, Art and Style at the Ayala Malls. As I walked inside the Alabang Town Center (ATC) one day, I noticed a colorful poster on one of the standees. MAS! it read. Each letter a different color. It was the music that lured me to...
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