Dealing with Sick Days Playlist
I’ve been¬†away for about a week recovering from a cold & cough. I’m still sick as I type this out, but thought I’d share some songs I’ve been listening to while on this sick leave. Haha! It’s an eclectic mix, you have been warned.¬†There’s indie, folk, electronic, and rock! So what have I been up...
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Incorporating yoga in my life has been a lazy-love kind of relationship. I love it on the days I get to practice it, and I love the idea of practicing it every day, but there are days that my couch-potato side wins. It always seemed like a good idea, and well, after experiencing a few...
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Photo by Dominik Martin
Almost two years ago, I made the decision to make healthier eating habits. It was a combination of wanting to be healthier, but it was also because there were so many people getting sick of cancer. It all boils down to the nutrition we give our bodies, our mental attitude, and the products we use....
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