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Creative Conversations: Lora Ledesma
Special effects artist and entrepreneur Lora Ledesma shares what a day in her industry is like, her creative process–and if music is a part of that process! From transforming people into armies of hair-raising zombies or fantastical creatures, crafting prosthetics to managing her business, Octopod Inc., Lora is establishing her name as a creative professional in her...
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Art Beat Tagaytay
It’s been a month since Tagaytay Art Beat. Can you believe it?! I want to rent a time travel machine for a day so I can relive it. I’m hoping Doc Def Productions organises another one, pronto! Tagaytay Art Beat is a music and art night located in…drum roll, please…the scenic, cool city of Tagaytay!...
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Once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from the concert scene and go back to where it all started: gig nights! Attack on Titan X278 featuring Kjwan, Salamin, Severo, Manila Under Fire, Gabe Piolo, Project Bear Gig Night at 278 Apache  
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Band Feels Manila’s sticker sets and frames resonate with the enthusiast who loves to proclaim their love for music. The woman behind the artsy brand talks to Days in Wonderland about the natural evolution of BandFeels. Can you tell us how BandFeels began? It’s one of those spur of the moment decisions. I started drafting...
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Hailing from the City of Smiles with hella good food, 20-year-old Miguel Rojas has been making a name for himself in the local electronic dance music industry. From mixing experiments to bagging a DJ Search and his plans for 2015, there’s a lot in store for this local rising DJ. Q&A with Miguel Rojas Tell us...
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