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Get to know the man behind Blzyblyk as he discusses beginnings, the meaning behind the name, and what he finds most important as a musician. Can you tell us more about your journey as a musician? I don’t really consider myself a musician or a rapper, but a fan or an observer of music, who...
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Before they launched their Prefer music video, I got to talk to Gabbi Buencamino and Nicholas Lazaro about the concept behind their music video, the advocacies they support and what’s next for Moonwlk! Read up on their music video launch here. Follow Moonwlk on social media: FACEBOOK | TWITTER
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Reverse Order
When I was growing up, I’d been bullied for being different. It had started as a petty fight between friends. When you’re little you argue about the small things with your friends, but I never expected it to become a trigger for my then friends to bully me. We were immature. I admit that the fight...
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Wind of Sparrows
Days in Wonderland spoke to Nathan Orie, guitarist of Wind of Sparrows, about the origins of their name and how it affects their sound as well as the advocacies they support. Your music has this ethereal vibe to it and pulls listeners into this dream-like state especially with vocalist Jade’s sweet, innocent tone. Did your band...
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Dj Carlo Atendido
DJ Carlo Atendido talks to Days in Wonderland about pursuing his childhood dream of DJing (yes, that’s a term now), its natural evolution, and his biggest challenge whilst doing so. You found your passion for mixing while you were studying a Management degree. How did you decide that a career in music was something you...
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