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discover new music may 2018
Discover new music May 2018 Hey there, music lover! We’re back for another installment of top music picks for the month! It’s crazy how fast this year is going, isn’t it? It’s already June, and somehow I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. Do you ever feel that way?      Half Heart – Jimmy Eat...
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Discover new music Hey there, music lover! Every time I sit down to write another top music picks to wrap up another month, I can’t help but think about how another month is done! Mental. Anyway, as always, here are my top music picks for the month of April. April was a challenging month. I...
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top music picks march 2018
Another month, another top music picks post. As always, this series is meant to highlight the songs released this month though there may be an occasional song or two that’s from previous months. This month, in general, these picks have a vibe of being upbeat. Some of them will make you want to nod or tap...
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Top Music Picks for February Aside from attending shows, discovering songs online or on the radio are a great way to explore the music scene of any place. It’s another way you can get a glimpse of the culture of a place. Sometimes you can’t understand the lyrics, but the melody or tone of the...
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songs you need to start your week happy
Songs You Need to Start Your Week Happy Another week, another Music Mondays post. There’s nothing like starting off your week with some good tunes. In this week’s music picks are a mix of new and not-so-new songs that emit good vibes. Here are 5 songs to add to your music collection. Happy listening x  ...
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