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This edition of Now Hear This spotlights a genre that focuses on rhythms, beats and the lyrical play of words known as rap. Rap can be an intense genre especially when it highlights social issues or uses music to shed light on topics not commonly talked about. But sometimes, it’s about self-expression and sharing a message to the world. Featured...
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Dealing with Sick Days Playlist
I’ve been away for about a week recovering from a cold & cough. I’m still sick as I type this out, but thought I’d share some songs I’ve been listening to while on this sick leave. Haha! It’s an eclectic mix, you have been warned. There’s indie, folk, electronic, and rock! So what have I been up...
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Good Charlotte Youth Authority
After six years of hearing no new material from Good Charlotte, I am thrilled to type this out: Good Charlotte has released a new album!! When the band announced last year that were back from their indefinite hiatus, the inner die-hard GC fan in me came running out of hibernation. It’s been too long since...
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Earl of Manila Stranger EP
The highlight of this week’s Now Hear This series is Earl of Manila’s Stranger EP. Earl of Manila is Earl Limjoco’s solo project. He writes, sings and produces.   This three-song EP starts off with Catching Feelings, which will hook you to this beautiful musical package. It’s about meeting someone, getting entranced with his or her personality...
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