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Music lovers dream of attending at least one music festival in their life. In the Philippines, there has been an emergence of many music festivals in the last four years. Some music lovers have even gone to neighbouring countries or even as far as Europe or the US to experience their dream festival. There’s Malasimbo...
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how to travel music lover
If you’re a music lover, chances are you take every opportunity you can get to discover new music, catch one of your favourite bands or connect with fellow fans. This love for music extends to when you travel. You may make room for the touristy activities or destinations, but there are certain things you will...
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It’s taken me two years to cross another Harry Potter experience off of my bucket list, but the wait was worth it and the timing was perfect! In 2014, I traveled solo to the UK to take a short course in Creative Writing. If you’re a huge Potterhead like me, visiting Oxford is a MUST...
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White Plains Summer Solstice Concert
While waiting for the train to Manhattan from White Plains, New York I saw a poster advertising a summer concert. The next train to Manhattan was in minutes, so I snapped a quick photo as a reminder to check out the details of the show. As soon as I got home that evening, I researched...
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A┬áSofar Sounds gig is a great way to explore the local music scene of the city you are in! Last May 2016, I went to my first Sofar Sounds Los Angeles gig at a secret location in Downtown LA. If you haven’t heard of Sofar Sounds, they’re a team of music lovers that organise secret...
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