Youngblood Hawke at Wanderland Music Festival
Youngblood Hawke

Wanderland is one of my favorite music festivals to attend. Aside from the wonderful (yes, pun intended) musical lineup, its one-of-a-kind vibe is what I love the most. You can lounge around in your banigs and colorful aztec mats while watching a plethora of talent perform their emotions on stage.

Wanderland Music Festival 2015
The chill vibe

It’s such a refreshing experience to not have to worry about fighting for a spot near the stage. Find a patch of grass, plop a mat on the ground, and enjoy! There were so many campy activities to do that I somehow wished there were setting-up-for-the-next-act silences so I could indulge. It was great though that the transition between local and international acts was smooth. No boring silences at all!

The Jungle Giants at Wanderland Music Festival 2015
The Jungle Giants

Lewis Watson was one of my favorite acts of the aside from RAC! Seeing him brought waves of excitement. Lewis is friends with Hudson Taylor–another folk group living in London! I really wanted to meet him and tell him what a great performer he was and that he should bring Hudson Taylor with him next time he comes back. Haha!

The Wanderland crowd–or Wanderscouts–knew how to soak up the music and live in the moment, but they also knew when to leave their comfy positions to shake it off. A dance party took over the Wanderland area during RAC and Kid Cudi’s set!

While we were waiting for the next act to come on, I remember feeling so genuinely happy and content. I had not felt like that in a while. It was nice to be fully present, not thinking about the future or the past, but simply being there.

Take me back to Wanderland!!! I miss it so much.


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