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Days in Wonderland spoke to Nathan Orie, guitarist of Wind of Sparrows, about the origins of their name and how it affects their sound as well as the advocacies they support.

Your music has this ethereal vibe to it and pulls listeners into this dream-like state especially with vocalist Jade’s sweet, innocent tone. Did your band name influence the sound you were going for or vice versa?

Our music has always had a dreamlike quality.  The sound we started with, which we continuously develop and experiment with, influenced the name “Wind of Sparrows.” The name has since guided our sound, and we have embraced the idea that music can be manipulated to create soundscapes that tell stories.

How did you conceptualise your band name? What’s the meaning behind Wind of Sparrows?

We were brainstorming ideas for band names on a beautiful summer evening.  From a list of about ten names, we combined a couple and came up with “Wind of Sparrows.” We felt that the symbolism of a sparrow displayed the ethereal quality of our sound…a symbolism that includes vigilance, joy, creativity, and wisdom. We felt that by adding the “Wind” to the name, it created a feeling of timelessness and atmosphere that is resonant in our sound.

Furthermore, the wind carries sound, sharing our stories and empowering the listener to recognize what is inside of their own soul, to sing their own song like the sparrow does.

One of the things I love about music is that it has the power to inspire people to be better and ignite positivity. Are there any advocacies that Wind of Sparrows has been supporting or will be supporting?

Our very first performance several years ago was a show to raise money for a little boy who had cancer.  He has since gone into remission and was declared cancer-free.

Our record release was part of a series of shows called AHA! Night that raises awareness of the arts in New Bedford, a town that is struggling to overcome poverty and crime.

Jade has worked closely with struggling communities, providing the means for people to develop self-worth and plans for the future. I volunteer at an animal shelter. We believe that all life is valuable, human or otherwise, and we need to care for the ones in need.

As a visual artist, one of my primary goals is to raise awareness of the complexities of culture and the inequalities it creates. For example, my graduate school art show focused on the issue of homelessness in Boston. Jade is also a visual artist who believes that all people are creative and should explore…whether it be your own mind, your backyard, or the entire country.

We have spacey music that delves into the deeper meanings of what people look past. We want to advocate for the environment and awareness of our world.

Jade, who majored in psychology, is extremely focused on empowering people.  She believes that the world is so many different frequencies of energies, and it is important to ride these waves and develop a unity with our environment and the ones around us. It is important to let the universe guide you and inspire you, to develop a sense of mindfulness that embraces who we are.

It is about connecting through music, reaching others, and building positive realities.

Our music itself is somewhat apolitical, at least for now. But it is about positivity, about knowing yourself better and accepting who you are and what you believe.

That’s really amazing that you guys are using your voice and your music to change society for the better. I like that you said music is about knowing yourself better and accepting who you are and what you believe. Very inspiring!

Thank you!


Congratulations on releasing your first EP. You said it’s the first in a series of shows that’ll raise awareness of the arts in New Bedford. How do you plan to raise awareness through your music? 

We plan to connect with the audience, to draw them in, to have them experience something so different that they have their own moments of awareness.  We also hope to learn from our fans on what they feel is important, and incorporate a more global awareness into our sound.

Let’s talk more about how you said your music is apolitical for now. Will you guys be incorporating certain themes, issues or advocacies in mind when you write new songs? 

We will be keeping certain issues and advocacies in mind as they arise.  They are always in our subconscious and are things that we feel strongly about.  The divisions in our world frustrate us and we live every day bombarded with messages of negativity and pain.  We want to present these things, as well as other stories, in ways that cause positive reflection and build unity.

How can we help you out with your advocacies? 

Share our music! And share your stories with us.  Music is communication…a band can easily become too isolated from its fan base if it doesn’t get to know them.  So we want to know the people who listen to us, and to be part of their worlds, too.  So we just want to keep the dialogue open and active.

What are your plans? Any upcoming tours or plans to record a full album soon?

Right now, we’re focused on honing in our sound, and creating music that is unique, but more importantly, real, and that speaks to people.

We are playing a few shows this summer and letting the momentum take us into next year.  We have songs we are currently working on, and we have plans to start working on a full length album, but we have to develop a fan base that would support the process of creating a full length album.

We play locally in our area, though going on tour would be ideal, especially if we could go to the Philippines!

Any last messages for our readers out there? Specifically to Filipino readers who will listen to your music for the first time? 

A message to the Filipino readers who will listen is, listen whole heartedly. Feel something. Tell us what you relate to within our songs. Send us ideas and stories!

Thank you again so much for taking the time to do this interview. Good luck to you guys and keep spreading that positive change with your music!

Thank you!


Interview by Isabel (Izzy) R. Matias | Photo credit: Kyle Daudelin

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