Starting over can be scary. We can get stuck and forget that growth happens when we put ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances and take risks.

When I began Days in Wonderland, I wanted it to inspire people to live their wonder—to go after their dreams and passions. My dreams and passions revolve around music, travel, and creativity. If you’ve been following my blog for quite sometime now, you’ll know I post heavily on music.

A year and nine months down the road had me thinking about the direction I want to take. I’m always thinking about how to improve and grow my blog, so I went back to the drawing board. I evaluated what I wanted to achieve with this blog and how to move forward.

And it is this: to promote positivity in our pursuit to achieve our dreams. Whether you’re into the creative field or not, when you add gratitude and positivity to your life, it makes the daily pursuit worthwhile. There will definitely be misadventures—it’s what makes the journey colourful and can even give you the best stories—even if, at that time,  you felt like pulling your hair.

There is something good in every day, in every setback and challenge that you encounter while pursuing what makes you happy.

We need to focus on the good, instead of doubting ourselves or sabotaging our happiness. We need to focus on our journey instead of comparing ourselves with others.

You’re probably thinking how I’m going to incorporate positivity to Days in Wonderland. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences—the good and bad—as I pursue the things that make my heart soar with joy while making a constant effort to see the good in every situation. I’ll be featuring people—creatives, musicians, entrepreneurs, you name it—who use their talents to spread positivity and support advocacies. For example, I’ve interviewed Reverse Order about their Anti-Bullying Campaign as well as Wind of Sparrows who use their music to spread the advocacies they believe in.

There will still be travel features to appreciate the beauty of experiencing a new place and culture as well as lifestyle articles that will focus on positivity, creativity, gratitude, health and all that jazz.

Staying positive can be difficult. It’s easier to succumb to complaining, whining, blaming or sulking instead of channeling that same energy into looking for the good in any situation. This is something I struggle with every day especially when I’m driving and my patience is tested to its limits.

Two weeks ago, I attended Merlee Jayme’s talk about Everyone Can Be Creative. I love how she advocated creativity to change the world. We must use our talents—creative or not—to make this world a better one!

I’m excited to have you with me on this journey as Days in Wonderland focuses on positivity in our pursuit to achieve our dreams.

When you feel stuck or want to grow, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board.


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Izzy launched Days in Wonderland as an avenue for avid music fans and travel bugs to find inspiration. Days in Wonderland features concert photos and write-ups, song suggestions, interviews and travel guides.

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