A Crash Course in Concert Etiquette

The Philippines has come a long way from the days where all we could do was hope that our favourite band or pop icon would come. Over the last five years, these mere concert wish lists have materialized to reality. Our concert scene is thriving. We are fortunate to have an abundance of talents—both local and international—take over Philippine stages numerous times in a month. With more and more concerts sprouting here and there, Days in Wonderland presents a crash course in concert etiquette—guidelines to help you maximise and make the most out of any concert experience.

Be considerate

We know how much it means for you to see one of your favourite acts live, but keep in mind that you are sharing this precious moment with other people. Leave bulky bags and backpacks at a package counter or at home. Aside from unintentionally hitting or hurting people, it’s hard to jump or mosh around with items like that.

Be aware of people around you. Will your iPad, selfie stick, fan sign, poster or even allowing your friend to sit on your shoulders block someone’s view? We understand the need to be heard—that’s why you brought a poster or a bunch of fan signs, but please make sure it’s a considerable size. Remember that you are not the only one who paid to see your favorite band live.

Don’t push or shove

This goes back to the golden rule above, but this guideline must be emphasized. Sometimes it’s tempting to push people out of the way in order to get to the premier spot: the barricade, but let’s be a community that helps and cares. Don’t push or shove if you don’t want to be pushed or shoved.

It’s all about respect 

Respect the artist and your fellow concertgoers because we are part of one community. It’s easy to get stars in your eyes when your idol is mere inches away from you, but remember to be respectful to those around you in whatever you do.

Offer a helping hand when the need arises

When people fall or get hit, help them back up. If you see someone getting dehydrated or fainting, do your part by calling attention to the right people that can assist them. I cannot emphasize this enough: it’s important to create a safe, but fun environment at shows.

Know your alcohol limit 

Some people prefer to watch their shows with a little booze in tow. Some don’t. The reason why you’re at a show is to experience a live music act. Sometimes a little alcohol heightens the experience, but please be mindful of how your actions affects those around you.

Live in the Moment

This is one of the most crucial guidelines we can give you. We understand the need to document because, heck, you want to remember everything about what could be the best show ever. Unless it’s your job to document, put that tablet or cellphone away for a few minutes. Documenting every single detail could make you miss out on the surreal moment of being at a show. As a fan, your job is to soak in the moment and experience the music.


Do you have any concert etiquette guidelines you want to share with the community? Let’s start a discussion!

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Izzy launched Days in Wonderland as an avenue for avid music fans and travel bugs to find inspiration. Days in Wonderland features concert photos and write-ups, song suggestions, interviews and travel guides.
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  1. I’ve always wanted to go in a concert but I never did, because i don’t know, haha, maybe I don’t really have a band or an artist that I look forward to? Haha Also, my boyfriend is a little bit discouraging me because of some points that you mentioned. Siksikan, magulo, nagtutulakan. I hope people who attend concerts would be more responsible.

    1. Concerts are a great experience, but it can be dangerous in the mosh pit at times. You just have to be alert! It’s best to be with someone if it’s your first show. 🙂 I’ve also seen a caring community, just last Bazooka Rocks, during a circle pit, a couple of people fell down and immediately there were people who helped them back up. It was a nice sight to see!

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