I’ve been away for about a week recovering from a cold & cough. I’m still sick as I type this out, but thought I’d share some songs I’ve been listening to while on this sick leave. Haha!

It’s an eclectic mix, you have been warned. There’s indie, folk, electronic, and rock!

So what have I been up to lately?

Apart from resting it up, drinking loads of vitamins and water, I have been:

Re-watching Downton Abbey Season 1: I was an avid Downton Abbey viewer who would watch as soon as there was a new episode available. When I heard tragic news about one of my favourite characters by accident–I was gushing about said character to a friend and Googled the name and then BAM! I saw the plot twist and it just broke my heart–that’s when I stopped. If I’m not mistaken, that was Season 3. Since I learned that the show is available on iflix, I’ve decided to re-watch the entire series and finish it this time.

Binge watching YouTube videos: I’ve been watching mostly Camie Juan’s travel vlogs, Multimiel, Casey Neistat, Megan Ellaby, and vlogs about Warped Tour and Reading/Leeds music festival.

Warped Tour has been in my concert bucket list since I was 13. That’s more than a decade, people! And I think next year, it’s finally going to happen. I had an opportunity to watch Reading/Leeds back in 2014 since I was in the UK at the time of the festival, but didn’t want to go alone. It was my first time traveling and living alone. That was already one big adjustment, and though I would go to shows and festivals in Manila on my own, I wasn’t ready to go to a massive music festival in another country alone. In Manila, I always bump into people or find someone to go with, so no biggie! In the UK…it would be a slim chance that I find someone I know.

Editing The Common Ground Music Fest photos: The day of the Common Ground Music Festival was the day I got sick. On the drive to BGC, I was on a sneezing spree–I thought that it was just an allergy–but alas, it was the start of a cold! My good friend Kara and I trekked around the Fort and got lost looking for the rock stage in Pablo’s, but it was a fun adventure even with a beginnings of a cold. My photo blog of that is coming soon!

Proof-reading my novel: I finished the third (!!) re-write of my book on the last day of June, and began the first read-through/edit a few days ago when I was feeling better. I’ve been working on this novel since High School and I’m so excited for the day it’ll be a published book. For now my main goal is to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before availing of her services.

Reading: I finished reading The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle. See, even in my book choices I go for the ones that are music related! It was a good read and I liked it because it was realistic. When you’re young, you always pine for the cutest guy in your class and you shy away when he’s around because you think you’re not worthy, but secretly you still hope he likes you back.

I love how Kiki, the protagonist, found her confidence and realised that boys are not the end-all-be-all when you’re young. I particularly love the line “Be your best self” — advise from one of her friends about finding a guy. Focus on you, on being the best you by going after the things you’re passionate about that you attract the right guy. I won’t spoil the ending, but I love how it was open-ended, so it goes to show how much Kiki has grown and has developed that confidence in her. More girls need to realise that it’s okay if you don’t have a boyfriend at a certain age–work on you first–and then the love will follow. Love you first. The most important relationship you have is with yourself!

Attending (technically it’s ‘attended’, but for the sake of proper grammar…) The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival: I went last Friday. Honestly, I was feeling better and I needed to get out of the house. I attended Merlee Jayme’s Everyone Can Be Creative talk. It was so inspiring. She talked about her journey, how she spent 3 years of her youth in a convent and how that honed her creativity. Now she advocates creativity to change the world.  She’s amazing!

After her talk, I attended Young Star’s Zine Stealer workshop. I met a new friends and we dabbled into the craft of zines. I had no idea what sort of zine I wanted to make, so I winged it. I saw the word “Britain”, cut it out of a magazine, and I was going to paste the whole word, but just as I was about to that’s when it hit me: BRIT! thus, the name “It’s BRIT, fam!” zine.

I shouldn’t have gone out yet, because, yikes, I ended up feeling feverish again when I got home. It was worth it though!

How do you guys keep yourself from feeling bored when you’re sick? Leave a comment below!

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