Fight Post Concert Depression with this Scrapbook

The minute the show ends, you, an avid music and concert fan, already feel the tinge of sadness that an experience of a lifetime has just ended. You know that this moment will never be replicated or reproduced, even if you see the same band again in the future. You’re feeling a mixture of emotions. You’re euphoric from watching your favourite band live, and then you realize: it’s over.

There’s a way you can keep going back to this night and to relive it. Immortalize those moments in a scrapbook! Maybe you caught a guitar pick or a drum stick. Maybe that dreamy lead singer winked at you or even better, you held his hand.

You now have the power to unleash your creativity while preserving these special memories in a concert scrapbook! It’s an easier way to compile and store all your photos, ticket stubs, and meet & greet passes (oh, you lucky one!)

Its cover page boasts an anthem for you, the avid music fan, “We live for the moments that make us feel alive” because, truly, that is the emotion that concerts evoke upon us. Our quiet or tired souls are awakened in the minutes we spend in the mosh pit and the arena, singing our lungs out and feeling one with the fans around us. There’s no better feeling than being at a show and living in the moment.

concert scrapbook


  • Easier way to compile all your tickets, photos, stubs, M&G passes in 1 place

    •Flexibility of design: mix and match different music-themed inserts with white blank pages at the back, so you can journal your thoughts about the experience

    •Faster way to preserve your concert memories

    •Add as many inserts until your scrapbook is brimming with memories

    •Relive each unique and unforgettable concert any time you want to

    •Battle post-concert depression as you unleash your creativity with scrapbooking

    •Be able to reminisce your concert experiences 1, 5, or 10 years down the road


The concert scrapbook includes 17 pages: 1 title page and 16 pages of assorted designs. If you ever need additional pages–because let’s face it you’ll never tire of these amazing moments–a refillable 10-page insert pack can be bought at Php100!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Just fill out the form below to place your orders. AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Note: Orders are shipped out every weekend.

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