This gig venue guide is meant to give you helpful, practical tips to make the most out of your live music experience. In this week’s gig venue guide series is Soma Bistro.

Situated inside Green Sun, Soma Bistro is a restaurant that also serves as a gig venue. Green Sun has made a name as a place for the arts since its inception in 2014. Back then, founder David Lim transformed an old car warehouse into the hotel and events space that Green Sun is known for. His vision was to have a space for Filipino artists no matter which form of art.


Soma Bistro got its name from the body or as it is known scientifically, the somatic cell. Their gigs are curated by Indie Manila and Homonym. What Soma Bistro focuses on when they put on gigs is giving its customers a unique experience i.e. an acoustic set from a hard rock band or artists collaborating for a special set.

Soma Bistro is open to all ages on weekdays from six in the morning to eleven in the evening and until nine in the evening on weekends. The place can sit up to 150 people or 200 for special events.

What Makes Soma Bistro Different

It isn’t your typical gig venue. The first being its location: it is not a bar or a pub, rather a restaurant within a hotel. This means it has more space that your typical pub or bar and guaranteed seating. They also start gigs earlier than normal gig venues. Whereas most gigs start after nine in the evening, Soma Bistro recently introduced a gig series entitled Soma Sessions, which begins at seven in the evening. They aim for their gigs to start and end on time. What’s more is that they prioritise paying the artists and musicians who perform.

And if you’re too tired to go home, you can book a room in the hotel.

Gig Fee

P300 gets you access to their gigs. Entrance fee comes with a free beer or iced tea.

Gig Calendar

Check Green Sun’s Facebook page and Indie Manila’s page for upcoming gigs at Soma Bistro.

Gig Eats

Happy hour is until eight in the evening where you can get P150 for three beers. Expect to pay around P200 to 400 pesos for a meal and drinks.

soma bistro

How to Get There

The nearest MRT station from Green Sun is the Magallanes station.


There is free parking.

Other Tips

Come early to get good seats.


Green Sun is located at 2285 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City

Photos courtesy of Green Sun.

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