It was a sultry afternoon when Vybe Productions launched their first music festival. Last February 20, 2016, GoodVybes commenced the season of music festivals! From the moment I saw the line-up, I knew I had to be there. I love the name GoodVybes–it exudes positivity!

Unlike many concerts and music festivals, an international band opened up the show. After Tender fist’s indie pop beats cooled the scourging atmosphere, local tastemaker Brisom brought their tunes to the stage. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while and was glad I finally got to catch ’em live. They are one local band you should listen to. Casually dropping their link here in case you want to listen. So good!! 

Tender fist at GoodVybes

Tender fist opening the festival

Up next was Assembly Generals and then Stars–the second international act of the day–before Kwjan took ze beat stage. There were three stages! It’s the first time a Philippine music festival had three stages. Oh, the possibilities! I’m so happy the standards for concerts and music festivals only keeps getting better and better.

Trixie and I with Amy of Stars!

At one point, all three stages had performers–which is good–it gives the audience a choice as to who they want to catch live. I just wish the stages particularly the main stage and beat stage were further apart.

One of my favourite moments of GoodVybes was during BP Valenzuela’s performance. I walked right into her set just as the crowd chanted her name and cheered her on even if another international act was on the main stage. BP was telling the crowd to watch the international act, but they chose to stay. It was such an overwhelming sight. That moment was proof that the local music scene is very much alive and thriving. <3

I also finally got to see She’s Only Sixteen perform too! After years of being a fan and not being able to catch their gigs because of timing reasons…viola!

The local line-up was great. So happy GoodVybes put just as many local bands and musicians into the line-up as international ones.


I’d forgotten how much fun and bittersweet M&Gs are. You get limited time with the musicians, but there’s that thrill that you get to hang out with them even if only for a few minutes.

943984_1141022542598846_748929375638492419_n 12742263_1141022702598830_1464861675575340171_nPosing like we’re part of the band hahaha!

Oh Wonder was one of the highlights of my night. They’re one of those ultra talented duos who sound even better live! In between fleeting moments of longing and euphoria, I managed to take a few snapshots (albeit blurry ones…I need to invest in a quality mirrorless camera for shows when I can’t bring my DSLR hehe).


Oh Wonder at GoodVybes Fest

I also almost had a photo op with Oh Wonder if not for my fangirl moment. This keeps happening to me. I have to learn how to chill out instead of freezing. They were at the sound booth before they brisk walked back to their tent. I totally zonked out and forgot their names. It’s not like I could yell out, “Oh Wonder” without sounding like a complete idiot. Haha!

I didn’t get to take many photos after that little incident as I decided to try to live in the moment more. It’s so hard nowadays not to take photos or snaps. The struggle is real.

Head on over to to read the concert review and see more photos of GoodVybes Fest!

Congratulations, Vybe Productions on your first music festival. I am looking forward to GoodVybes 2017!  🙂

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  1. karina

    bwahaha end up reading your blogs. im just taking the chances to win paradise ticket but here i am scrolling and reading. hihi. your blog makes me wanna go to mooore concerts 🙂 and btw thats true the struggle is real when you decided not to take pic or videos when you’re in a concert. 😀

    1. Hi Karina! I’m so happy you decided to stick around and read my blog. 🙂 Do you go to a lot of shows too? Concerts are so addicting!! :)) Yes. It really is a struggle. It’s like you want to live in the moment, but you also want to have something you can look back to and remind you how amazing a show was via photos or snaps! 😛

      1. karina

        Yes! but not as many as yours 🙂 HAHA 🙂 i don’t have enough money for concerts, TBH. if ever there’s a free show i make my schedule free. hahaha yeahhhh i would agree to that, its very addicting talaga! but I take short videos. just really short! like i wanted to hear and feel the crowd again. haha 😛

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