Incorporating yoga in my life has been a lazy-love kind of relationship. I love it on the days I get to practice it, and I love the idea of practicing it every day, but there are days that my couch-potato side wins. It always seemed like a good idea, and well, after experiencing a few panic attacks, I told myself to get serious about yoga.

At first, it was very overwhelming. I didn’t know where to begin. I viewed a number of beginner yoga videos on YouTube. One thing I knew was that I wanted to start small, and that I wanted a routine that was, if possible, less than ten minutes.

I did find a video that met my requirements! I was unsure if this routine was easy enough, but I tried it. And, for someone who is not very flexible, this 5 minute video, is just what I needed.

How to Incorporate Yoga in your life

5 Minute Yoga with Marijie Paternotte

I noticed while working through a few beginner videos that downward facing dog is a staple pose. It’s one pose that I find extremely difficult until now. So of course my natural reaction the first time I attempted it was, “How on earth is this a beginner’s pose?!”

So for those of you struggling with downward facing dog, but still want to get the same benefits as the correct pose, here is a link about Downward Facing Dog with Bent Knees. It’s been very helpful!

I often switch between this 5-minute routine and another beginner’s one that’s 20 minutes long; depending on how much time I have in the morning. What I can say is that on the days I am able to incorporate yoga, I feel calmer, and my day is somewhat slower. It’s probably because from the beginning of the day, I’m able to clear my mind and focus. I’m able to rid my mind of the cobwebs and anxieties that rush by. I am in the process of making it a staple in my morning exercise, as there are days that I still get lazy, or wake up late that I cannot squeeze it into my routine.

Are you a regular yogi? How were you able to incorporate yoga into your daily routine? And what other basic poses would you suggest? Let’s start a conversation below. I’d love to learn more about yoga!



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