If you’re a music lover, chances are you take every opportunity you can get to discover new music, catch one of your favourite bands or connect with fellow fans. This love for music extends to when you travel.

You may make room for the touristy activities or destinations, but there are certain things you will look out for when you travel. If you’re not a music lover, but want to travel with the eyes of one, look no further!  Here is a short list of how a music lover can make the most out of any travel experience.


What better way to make your trip a memorable one than by experiencing a live show? Especially if your favourite band is playing, better secure those tickets. From experience, watching a show abroad is different. Some shows are 18 over, so they require ID to enter a show.

Of course there’s that universal feeling of belonging with a sea of strangers screaming your favorite song at the top of your lungs, but there are obvious differences. It’s another way to experience a culture of a city.

I highly suggest that you attend a Sofar Sounds gig if the city you’re in has them. It’s a super intimate experience. Read about my Sofar Sounds LA experience here.


Another thing you should take advantage of are the music shops. If you’re in Hollywood, Amoeba Records is worth a visit. It’s a music lover’s dream what with the abundance of CDs, vinyls, merchandise, you name it! You can even purchase concert tickets there and they even have in-store gigs and CD releases.


If you’re up for the adventure or geeking out more, why not visit music sites, venues, museums or maybe music video locations of your favourite bands? For example, if you’re a huge The Beatles fan, I’m sure you’d love to visit and get your own photo at Abbey Road to re-create their iconic album cover. Dropping by an events venue or pub could be a good way to check out the gigs there and ask about the music scene.


Another great way to experience the music in another city is to check out speciality shops be it their local music instrument shop or pop culture stores that sell music merchandise, apparel or even books!


One of the best ways to get to know the music scene of the city you’re in is to ask a local. When in New York, I approached one of the staff of the One World Trade Center and asked him what were the best spots in the city to immerse myself in the scene. He gave me valuable tips and feedback!

What about you? 

What do you look out for when you travel to a new city?


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