Iontech Reshapes the Musical Landscape with EAW and Powersoft

Guest post by John Mari Marcelo

When talking about a speaker’s sound quality, there’s no better band to demo your products than Up Dharma Down – a band who’s known to fine tune their live sound to the tee. The intricacies of Up Dharma Down’s live sound is unparalleled. From the smaller bar gigs to larger concert halls and the occasional arena, live sound quality is paramount to the band and to their sound technicians.

So when I heard that Up dharma Down was the main performer for Iontech’s EAW and Powersoft product launches last February 2, 2016 at Le Pavillion, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was intentional. Or perhaps fate.


Powersoft Audio, an Italian company that specializes in concert and speaker amplifiers, has been instrumental in achieving the perfect live sound from the best concerts out there. That, coupled with another paragon of loudspeaker systems in U.S. based Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW,) makes for the perfect match in sound excellence.

Now, I’m not an expert on the technicalities of speaker technology. I know next to nothing about what makes a great speaker, aside from what I hear, of course. But as both a music photographer and a longtime music fan, I have been around music venues of all sizes that would certainly benefit from what EAW and Powersoft has to offer. And they definitely have a lot to offer.

EAW has loudspeaker systems available for all types of venues. Be it large arenas, medium-sized concert halls, houses of worship, bars and nightclubs, EAW has them covered. The company has a line of loudspeakers that are specifically designed for each and every venue imaginable. And at different price points, at that. The same goes for Powersoft. The company has a number of amplifiers that would perfectly power all sorts of loudspeakers.


The live demonstrations all afternoon were evidence enough of EAW and Powersoft’s unparalleled live sound quality. I’ll have to point out that the occasional live music fan probably wouldn’t hear the difference, but for musicians and their fans who are equipped with a more refined ear, they’ll certainly be amazed at what they’re hearing and they’ll be appreciative of their favorite music venue’s loudspeaker upgrade to the EAW & Powersoft systems.

I ran into Up Dharma Down’s bassist Paul Yap as I was leaving the launch. While chatting a bit, he remarked “ang ganda ng speakers!” Roughly translated, “the speakers have beautiful sound!” I asked Up Dharma Down’s Carlos Tanada what he thought about the speakers. “The stage monitors were clear and loud. Just the way we needed it to be. Perfect for stage set up,” he said.

If two members of one of the country’s premiere bands – one that’s known for their precise live sound output – are impressed by what they experienced that afternoon, then there’s no doubt that the arrival of the Powersoft driven EAW loudspeakers in the country is a definite game changer.

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