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A Relaxing Weekend at Lakawon Beach Festival

Lakawon Beach Festival
If you’re someone who loves the beach and live music experiences, then Lakawon Beach Festival is a dream come true. To get there is an adventure of its own, especially if you live a plane-ride away. Your journey could look something like this: take a flight to Bacolod, drive to Cadiz city, and ride a boat to Lakawon Island, so be sure to pack only what you need!
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Since you’re on an island, there’s no Wifi, and it may be hard to connect to a cellular data network. But that’s okay because then you’re forced to really live in the moment and enjoy the experience the way you should!
Lakawon Beach Festival kicked off with the launch of footwear brand Vianellas. Clyde Harris opened the stage of the music festival before the dinner break. As an avid concert and music festival goer, I really appreciate that there was a scheduled dinner break. Most music festivals have a continuous line-up, so you’re forced to pick which act you’d have to miss out on to grab some food. Not with Lakawon Beach Fest though!
After a two-hour dinner break to freshen up and stock up on energy for the party ahead, it was time for the music festival to resume! There was a trail of torches that you had to follow to get to the venue of the music festival, which was located at the other end of the island. It was about a 10-minute walk. If it were any nearer to the Lakawon Island Resort rooms, the volume would bother those trying to sleep.
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Another cool thing was that the venue of the music festival that night was where they held kite-surfing classes. As you approach the bamboo structure, you’ll notice the lanterns hanging in the distance, and then the lighted boxes beside the low wooden tables on the sand. When you enter the bamboo structure, there’s a bar area on the left. Straight ahead is a path that leads to an elevated hut which also serves as the makeshift stage.
People were seated on the sand inside the bamboo structure, outside nearer the stage, and even beside the teepees. Overall, the vibe matched the beach atmosphere. They were listening to the music, chatting with their friends over a drink, and soaking up the whole beach festival experience.
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As the night progressed, more people flocked to the venue to have a good time with friends and music at the beach.
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The second day of the music festival was held at the TawHai floating bar—known to be Asia’s largest floating bar. It’s a short boat ride away from Lakawon Island. So short that it takes less than five minutes from the port of Lakawon Island to the floating bar.
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As soon as you step aboard the floating bar, you’ll wish you could spend a whole day there or you know, maybe never leave. It’s such a dreamy, relaxing place where you can lie down and chill while enjoying the music.

So you better watch out for the next installment of Lakawon Beach Festival! It’s definitely something you won’t want to miss out on.

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