LANY, a trio hailing from Los Angeles, California, visited the Philippines for the second time this year to play five mall shows. This feature is a recap of LANY’s Ayala Malls tour.

Three days, five mall shows, thousands of fans.

Whether you are fan or a casual listener, LANY will have popped up in at least one of your social media feeds during the first week of August. There is no denying it: the ‘little band from LA’ has captivated Manila.

The announcement broke on the fourth week of May only two months after their debut in Manila. LANY revealed that they would be coming back to play five shows. During the months leading up to that weekend, more details surfaced: the five malls, ticket mechanics, as well as meet and greet opportunities. Tickets sold out in only three hours in one mall!

When the boys finally landed in Manila, fans surprised them at the airport.

LANY live at Ayala Malls

Friday, August 04

August 4th was the day LANY fans counted down to. It was the first of five mall shows in a span of three days. The spaces around the Glorietta stage were packed as the clock neared seven pm. From outside the barricaded area to the highest level of the mall, people were everywhere whether they were loyal fans or curious passersby.

LANY live at Ayala Malls

As the Ayala Malls recap video played on the screen on stage, the screaming began. In a few minutes, LANY would be on stage. When the screen went black, the opening beats of “Dumb Stuff” blared through the speakers. And the moment the boys stepped on the Glorietta stage, the crowd burst into louder, piercing screams.

Jake sat on his drum throne on the left side of the stage as Les walked to the opposite side and stopped in front of the keyboard. Paul jumped around on stage, waving to each of the areas of the crowd before finally picking up his guitar and sang the first verse of the song as the mall echoed the words back to him. It was a crescendo to a moment where the essence of time was forgotten. The only thing that mattered was the music and the feeling of being at home with thousands of strangers belting out a song to a band you love.


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Saturday, August 05

LANY kicked off their second mall show at Greenbelt 5’s fashion walk area. The sweltering heat didn’t stop fans from getting good spots or having a good time. Straight from this show, LANY headed further south of Manila to perform at the Alabang Town Center. When the crowd realised that they had arrived,the mall erupted in screams as the band descended the escalator from the second floor to get backstage. The show itself was a spectacle to behold: a loud singing crowd and the bands’ jubilant faces.

LANY live at Ayala Malls

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Sunday, August 06

LANY live at Ayala Malls

LANY live at Ayala Malls


The third and final day saw two mall shows where the boys had to go from the south (Market! Market!) to north (Trinoma). At the Trinoma show in particular, LANY played a special set that included a stripped version of ILYSB.

It was a bittersweet feeling for fans as they felt like the weekend had gone by so quickly.

LANY’s conquered Manila from their debut at a music festival to their mall tour, but we’ll be waiting for an arena headliner show.


LANY live at Glorietta set list 



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