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Moonwlk ‘Prefer’ Music Video: A Testimony of the Goodness in People

In an interview with Moonwlk, Gabbi Buencamino and Nicholas Lazaro expressed their gratitude to those who helped them with their first music video. “Without the help of everyone around us, it wouldn’t have come to fruition at all,” Gabbi shared. ‘Prefer’ music video is the product of collective support and help of people, thus Gabbi stating that the music video was “a testimony of the goodness in people.”

Though Moonwlk posted an iPhone-shot music video for ‘Second Scar’ on YouTube, ‘Prefer’ is their first official music video.

It began when director Kevin Mayuga approached them. They then created a crowdsourcing campaign online through artist connect where people could donate money in exchange for things like a shout out, sticker or t-shirt. Their gigs leading up to the music video launch was also an avenue to continue raising funds.

Moonwlk Prefer music video launch

Last night, Moonwlk unveiled their first music video at A Space Makati. Though it was a Wednesday, the A Space gallery was overflowing with people. It was a midweek celebration with free Tanduay Rhum drinks, pizza and stellar music.

Before debuting the music video to the crowd, Moonwlk invited TheSunManager and Oh, Flamingo! to perform.



I’m a fan of all three acts that performed last night, but whether or not it’s your first time hearing TheSunManager or Oh! Flamingo, they’ll have captured your heart with their music.

Oh, Flamingo!

Oh, Flamingo!

When it was time to reveal the music video, Gabbi and Nicholas thanked everyone who helped make Moonwlk’s first music video possible and called on director Kevin Mayuga for a few words. And then, finally, the lights were turned off and the music video flashed on screen.


Moonwlk capped off their music video launch with a performance. Though their microphones malfunctioned at the beginning of their set, this did not stop them. Instead, they sang as loud as they could and continued on. They kept moving forward.

During my interview with Gabbi and Nicholas before the launch, Nicholas told me that I would like the video. And he was right! They explained how the music video blended their music and the meaning of the song–which is not having to hide your true self behind makeup. It’s a powerful and positive message that is translated visually. I was blown away when I saw the video. At 8pm tonight, you too can marvel and experience this artistic visual feast.

Here’s the music video:

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Stay tuned for my video interview with Moonwlk!

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