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Music Attic: a subscription box for music lovers

music attic subscription box

A few days ago, Band Feels Manila and I launched Music Attic.

So what exactly is Music Attic? It’s a subscription box curated for the indie music lover. You will receive music-themed merchandise and surprises. As the punchline declares, “the music scene delivered straight to your doorstep.”

What’s inside the box?

Monthly staples: stickers, card sets and a Spotify playlist we think you’ll love

Surprises for you: items like a music-themed canvas bag, pins, journals, etc

These surprises vary with each box release. For this month, you will receive “The Card Game for the Hipster who Hates Being Called a Hipster.”

Each time we release a box, it features different items.

Through this subscription box service, we also want to promote the local indie music scene, and are open to including stickers, cards, or any band merchandise from local bands. So if you’re a musician or are part of a band, do send us a message. You can reach me here.

You can pre-order the box HERE.

We offer free nationwide shipping in the Philippines on your first box

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