The highlight of this week’s Now Hear This series is Earl of Manila’s Stranger EP. Earl of Manila is Earl Limjoco’s solo project. He writes, sings and produces.


This three-song EP starts off with Catching Feelings, which will hook you to this beautiful musical package. It’s about meeting someone, getting entranced with his or her personality and everything falling into place. “If feels right. We don’t even have to try. There’s something about you,” Earl sings. “You got me catching feelings.” When that happy crush develops into something more, that’s what this song is about.

The second song Only One begins with a woman calling to break bad news. The kind of news you’d never want to hear from your significant other. For a song about heartbreak, it conveys the message without leaving you melancholic. The groove adds life and acts as the hope–the melody twists into a form of getting over that heartbreak. It’s got pieces of rap, and R&B.

The EP ends with Stranger. Proof that even if heartbreaks feel like they are impossible to get over, one day the pain will fade away and you will feel okay.

Each track gives off a different vibe and genre, like an evolving story. And really, if you listen to the songs in order, it does tell a story: meeting someone, developing a relationship, breaking it off, and then becoming strangers once again. It’s a story that many people can relate to. It’s the cycle of relationships until you find the person you stick with until your last breath.


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