Now Hear This: Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority

After six years of hearing no new material from Good Charlotte, I am thrilled to type this out: Good Charlotte has released a new album!!

When the band announced last year that were back from their indefinite hiatus, the inner die-hard GC fan in me came running out of hibernation. It’s been too long since they released any new material. I’m just glad that instead of calling it quits–a lot of the bands I grew up listening to and loving have waved the goodbye flag–Good Charlotte decided to take a break until they were ready to start making music and touring again.

Youth Authority dropped mid-July, but was only available on Spotify on the 22nd.

So what’s my verdict after streaming the album?

I love it! The sound is reminiscent of their The Young and The Hopeless days. As I streamed the songs for the first time, I head-banged to most of them. I was already imagining being in a GC show: how it would be so fun to be in the mosh pit jumping, dancing and screaming the lyrics to these new songs. If this post somehow reaches the band or concert producers in Manila, please bring Good Charlotte back to Manila.

Tracks I love:

  • Makeshift Love
  • Keep Swingin’
  • War
  • Moving On

Have you heard Youth Authority? What’s your take on it and what are you favourite songs? 🙂

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