Now Hear This has been a category in this blog for quite some time. One of the reasons I started a music blog was to spread the music I love in hopes that people will also love them too. I’m jump-starting this category again, to share more of the songs I love whether they are old or new.

I used to limit it to one song per post, but I thought why not make this like a mini-playlist?

Here are a couple of songs I’m digging at the moment:

Opinion Overload – Simple Plan


Simple Plan never fails to get it. When I was a me-against-the-world, mopey teenager, their songs were my anthem. They were the perfect companion to those times I’d feel like no one could understand me or felt like I all I did was mistake after mistake. I’d put “Perfect” on full-blast and think they couldn’t have gotten me any better. A decade later and once again they’ve managed to get that same connection with this song. “I’m doing things exactly like I want to / And I don’t give a damn if you don’t approve / Quit bringing me down ” They’re relatable and they connect with millions of people out there–that’s what matters in the end.


Pull Me Up – KYKO

This guy’s music is on repeat. Reminds me of Saint Raymond and I love Saint Raymond. It’s funny how one of my close friends recommended him as well, which leads me to conclude that his music is meant to be in my life. Haha! This song will leave you fleeting, like the world is opening its arms welcoming you in a warm embrace.


We Could Be – The Hunna

It doesn’t matter I found their music through an advertisement. I’m glad I did. There’s a possibility I’ll be watching them live too in June. I can’t wait for that. I’d really love to shoot a show of theirs.

I hope you enjoy these tunes. Feel free to drop a comment below with songs you can’t get enough of lately.


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