Now Hear This: Still Steady’s ‘It’s Got to End’

Still Steady It's Got to End


Who is Still Steady?

Still Steady is an indie rock band from Manila, Philippines. The band, formed in 2015, is composed of Ryan Gonzales, Mike Trampe, Tobs Tobio and Paulo Rodriguez.

What can you expect? 

Though “It’s Got to End” has a upbeat groove to it, the song is about toxic relationships.

It’s a catchy, drive-with-windows-rolled-down kind of summer soundtrack, but listen to the lyrics and you’ll find that it has a deeper meaning to it. With lyrics that go, “With you it’s oh so stressful. So stressful it’s hateful”, the song talks about a toxic friendship.

Friendships are a beautiful thing in life. Friends are supposed lift each other up and support each other. They are the people you choose to spend your time with, your dreams, and even your secrets. But what do you do when you’re faced with a friendship that does more harm than good? Well, for Still Steady, they say, “it’s got to end.”

Listen to ‘It’s Got to End’ now

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