This edition of Now Hear This spotlights a genre that focuses on rhythms, beats and the lyrical play of words known as rap. Rap can be an intense genre especially when it highlights social issues or uses music to shed light on topics not commonly talked about. But sometimes, it’s about self-expression and sharing a message to the world.

Featured in this article are three Filipino indie artists of the genre.

Bleezybelike (blzyblyk)

Hailing from Subic City is Blzyblyk who studied music before he began experimenting with different genres in High School. Though many opportunities have been coming his way, he’s focused on finishing a mixtape that he hopes will resonate with people.

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Cebu has no shortage in producing quality musicians. Karencitta hails from this creative city. She released a mixtape So Help Me God Vol 1.  a few months ago, and just last September released another mixtape entitled Still U on Spotify. Still U is a collection of covers that showcase her vocal ability and tone as she adds her flair to each song.

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There has been a lot of noise for this beat maker and for good reason. He sets a good example not just for musicians, but to fellow Filipinos with his hard work and the message he promotes through his music.

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