Producers Ginger Zaranilla and Joshua Ylaya set our expectations for Paradise IMF at yesterday’s press conference. BoardWorks Media has been producing solo concerts over the past years: John Legend, Chris Brown and Lifehouse, but organising a festival, as Josh said, is “a whole different animal.”

Paradise IMF is their way of making the Philippines a musical destination and targeting concertgoers from neighbouring countries, which they were able to do. They dream of doing something like Coachella and Glastonbury. Paradise is their way of turning that dream into reality.

Paradise IMF Press conference

When asked about the creation of their lineup, they said that they wanted to create a culture that doesn’t exclude anyone, thus the beauty of a diverse lineup targeting music lovers no matter the genre. They started their lineup from Kanye West and then planned around that keeping in mind that the names joining Mr. West had to be musical icons.

Present at the Paradise IMF press conference were Hale, DJ Rivero, 4th Impact and Katsy Lee! Here are a few highlights of the press conference. Host and Magic 89.9 VJ Debbie as well as various media outlets asked the performers a bunch of questions and here are some of their answers.

Q: Who are you most excited to see?

Champ of Hale: Kanye West

Dj Rivero: Afrojack

4th Impact: We’re excited to see everyone.

Katsy Lee: Kanye, Afrojack, Rivero…and Rudimental!


I asked them who in the Paradise IMF line-up inspired their music and this is what they had to say:

Champ of Hale: Recording wise, I can’t think of anyone…but when I’m at the beach or gym, I listen to Kanye. 

Dj Rivero: Afrojack. His music is very similar and I’m a big fan. I saw him three times in Israel.

4th Impact: They’re all our inspiration, but of course we all have different genres. 

Katsy Lee: Everyone, especially my friends Jessica Milner, DJ Nina and other female DJs.

Paradise IMF Press conference

When asked to pick a song that best describes the Philippines, Dj Rivero said he’d pick something chill because the Philippines is like Paradise. I see what you did there, Dj Rivero! Clever! Though he’d pick a chill song, his Dj set is going to be full of energy. He’s debuting six new tracks on the Paradise stage tomorrow.

Since returning from their hiatus last year, Hale is set to perform a lot of their singles–from their first to the current ones–at the show. What’s more is that the arrangement is a surprise!!


4th Impact said they’re glad to be back in the Philippines after the biggest break of their 10-year singing career. When asked to describe their sound in one word, they said “Impact”–like their name!

Throughout the press conference, all four performers kept reiterating how they’re super excited and grateful to be performing at Paradise IMF tomorrow.

…And in case you didn’t know, so far Kanye West only has 2 shows lined up for this year: Paradise IMF and Governor’s Ball in NYC, so now’s your chance to watch him live!
Earlier this morning I announced the winner of the Paradise IMF Giveaway here. I’ve sent out e-mails to the lucky winners. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway! 🙂

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