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Mandaue Nights

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A Tale of Mandaue Nights

Prior to starting Mandaue Nights, Gino Rosales and Karl Lucente had bands of their own. What began as a collaboration turned into a new chapter for them–Mandaue Nights. Since starting Mandaue Nights, they’ve performed at Cebu’s Visayan Pop Festival, earned a spot at the MYX charts, and released their debut EP, Love City. 

Please introduce yourselves

Gino: I play the synthesizer/keyboard. We actually didn’t plan to become a band. It started out as a collaboration between Karl and me.

Karl: I’m the guitars/vocals. I write the songs and Gino adds the music. We aren’t under any record label, so we do everything ourselves. We also collaborated with some amazing individuals to make our Love City EP happen.

If you have a dream and a passion, follow it.


If you could be a song, what would that song be and why?

Karl: Aquaman by Walk The Moon because I’m willing to dive into anything haha!

Gino: Heal the World by Michael Jackson. Don’t we all want peace?

Is music your full-time job?

Karl: Video editor and filmmaker. I’m passionate about storytelling in all its forms.

Gino: (My day job is a secret!) Kidding, I’m an IT Project Manager.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Karl: Sepia Times, Ang Bandang Shirley, Ben&Ben, Shuffled, The Spirals, many more… but that’s at the top of my mind. For international, it’s Pup, Pheonix, Jay Som, Snail Mail, and many more.

Gino: Hmm, hard one. Too many to name! But of course I have to bow my knee to the King Of Pop–Michael Jackson.

If you could describe your sound using Filipino food, what would it be and why?

Sinigang. It’s the dish that’s associated with your childhood. It’s a classic and it has a familiar feel to it. I mean who doesn’t like Sinigang?

For those about to listen your music for the first time, which track do you suggest they listen to first?

First Kiss because it takes you to that nostalgic feeling of your First Kiss. It’s meant to be watched though because it will give you a better feel of the song. We have Tagalog subtitles in our YouTube channel–so many people from Manila were messaging us telling us they wanted to learn Bisaya because of the song, which is kind of cool.

We also have Take Me and SSL that’s coming out in our new EP. 


Where can we find out about your upcoming gigs?
Spotify and our Facebook page but most of our gigs are unlisted. We like to keep our fans guessing where we’ll be next!

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