Scout Magazine is turning two this year. You know what that means: party time!

Since its official launch to its first birthday, Scout Magazine knows how to throw a party. This year, they’re decking it out to the good old outdoors…by bringing it to you indoor. If you get what I mean. Over the last couple of weeks, Manila has seen lots and lots of rain, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have one last summer party: a scout summer camp!

Scout Summer Camp

If it’s one thing I love about Scout’s parties, it’s their music line-up. Amazing local talent. I am so stoked about the bands! If you’re into EDM, they also have DJs. I’m also excited to discover more local tastemakers in the music scene. Here’s the complete line-up:

Ang Bandang Shirley
The Ransom Collective
Oh, Flamingo
Run Dorothy
Tandems ‘ 91
Fools and Foes
Tom’s Story
Jensen and The Flips
Out of Scratch
Arthur Jarred Tan
Xtina Supesrtar

Aside from the oh so amazing music, they have games, a ‘bonfire’, booze and a stuffed bear.

Join other campers as they pitch their tents at Scout Summer Camp. If you’re the lucky camper who is awarded the best camping gear, you’ll be given a prize!

You can get your tickets at SM Tickets for only Php 350 a piece! There are only limited tickets, so you better score yours fast if you want to join the camp. Once you’ve scored your ticket, you’ll need to register it at You’ll get a QR code, which allows you enter through an express lane. On the day you enter camp, you’ll need your ticket and a valid ID with your birthdate aside from your QR code.

If you really want to go, but don’t have the budget for it, Scout Mag is giving away free tickets!

Shall I see you at the Scout Summer Camp? I do hope so! 🙂



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