Runway Hits has been around since 2015. After a hiatus and a change of members, they’re back and ready to go full throttle into the Philippine indie music scene. Their current line-up is composed of vocalist Ady Tapiador, keyboardist Patricia (Pat) Lasaten, bassist Agnes Reoma, guitarist Teddy Hablado and drummer JM De Ramos.

With their return to the Philippine indie music scene and a new line-up in the band, it’s a good time to get to know them better. I’ve asked them about the band’s journey, how  each member got involved, and if music is their full-time job. Read the interview below to get to know more of Runway Hits and what you can expect from them this 2017.

How did Runway Hits begin and how did you get to where you are today?

Pat: It’s a very long journey. To cut it short, it all started in a “small” village in Laguna. What motivated us to form a band back then with the former members was because my dad was asking us to make a song for a film he was scoring. We really didn’t expect to continue the band after the release of the film, but we enjoyed making music together so much that we decided to make it official. We started gigging and releasing singles to the point that we were already planning for an EP launch. But then, we went into a hiatus due to member changes and now we are back!

Please introduce yourselves: your name, what instrument you play and how you got involved with the band.

Patricia Lasaten: Keyboard. It just happened!

Agnes Reoma: Bass Guitar. Basically, pinababa ako ni Pat from Baguio haha.

Teddy Hablado: Electric Guitar. Neighbors with Pat! Our former drummer who is also my neighbor got me for the band.

Ady Tapiador: Vocalist. I auditioned! They posted in facebook that they were looking for a new vocalist. A friend of mine tagged me in twitter. I wasn’t supposed to do music this year, but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try and I got in!

JM De Ramos: Drummer. I’m friends with Pat, Agnes, and Ady back then and when I found out that they were looking for a drummer, I immediately PMed Agnes. She asked me to send a video jamming with fireworks. It’s in youtube! Please watch hehe! Ayun tanggap! Actually 2 kami nagpasa. Pero mascute ako kaya tannggap ako. So yun tanggap ako sa banda! Sobrang dream come true. It was actually a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy to join runway hits.

If you could be a song, what would that song be and why?

Pat: Fireworks by Runway Hits! Kasi lagi ako nagmamadali!

Agnes: Better Together Jack Johnson. Kasi maganda message and I want everyone to be together.

Teddy: Super Mario Theme because I always imagine myself to be like super Mario jumping up and down avoiding obstacles.

Ady: Fight song! The song is about making an impact to the world and that has always been my goal in life.

JM: Just a little! Kasi nagdidiet ako. Kukuha ako ng cookies sa cupboard tapos I asked my mum: “mumi, can I have some cookies?” sabi ng mum ko: “just a little!”

Is music your full-time job? If not, what else do you do?

Pat: Yes, music is my fulltime job. I am an arranger, composer and a keyboardist.

Agnes: I’m a music student.

Teddy: I am a teacher.

Ady:  I work in Magic, a startup company. I’m also part of another business in addition to Heirs PH.

JM:  I’m a freelance musician and part of a business in song arranging.

runway hits

Who are your favorite musicians? 

Pat: Ryan Cayabyab and Ed Sheeran!

Agnes: Allan Menken for International and Ebe Dancel/Rico Blanco!

Teddy: For international, I like listening to any interesting instrumental bands like ASIWYFA and Totorro. For Local, basta anyone from the indie scene hehe.

Ady: Sarah Geronimo and Demi Lovato/ Sara Bareilles.

JM: My Idols in music are John Mayer and Willie Revillame.

If you could describe your sound using Filipino food, what would it be?

Sapin-Sapin, ’cause our journey is colorful and we are tight as a group–on and off stage.

For those about to listen your music for the first time, which track do you suggest they listen first?

Either Fireworks or Just a little.

What does Runway Hits have in store for the rest of 2017?

More singles to be released, more gigs and lots of love!

Where can we find out about your upcoming gigs?

You can usually catch our gig dates in our Facebook page

List down your band’s social media pages and websites.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Photos by Selina Alexis Cruz

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