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Website management is no easy feat. It takes a LOT of time and energy to maintain an engaging space in cyberland. Inactivity leads to the death of web traffic and engagement. Ultimately, if you are seeking blogging success, it is crucial to stay active. This means, posting the same time every week and updating social media every day. Yes, every day.

But what if you’re a full-time student with a heavy workload or you have a full-time job that demands most of your attention? What then?

This is where CoSchedule comes in.

Save Time, Improve Results with CoSchedule

So what is it exactly?

CoSchedule is a tool that helps you manage your WordPress website and social media accounts all the while increasing engagement and saving you a ton of time! It is a website editorial calendar that integrates not just your scheduled posts but also links to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn.

It’s great for websites that have a team because CoSchedule allows you to have a workflow of assignments that you can designate to a specific member of your team. For example, the author of the post can tag another writer to counter-check or proof-read the article before it goes live. In addition, other members can brain storm on what can be improved and how they can approach sharing the article.

One thing I love about the interface is that it’s simple, minimalistic and easy to understand.

During my trial period, I’ve been using CoSchedule to plan and implement my content calendar. I can write bulk posts and social statuses in advance and not have to worry about posting it at a specific date and time. Imagine if I had no internet connection or had a previous social engagement, how would I be able to maintain the same posting schedule and stay active on social media? What I love about CoSchedule is that I no longer feel overwhelmed because I can manage my accounts all in one place! I can opt to access it via my WordPress post editor (see image below) or through the Calendar view!


Aside from planning posts in advance, CoSchedule highlights sharing your top content. It’s interface also allows you to plan specific days you want your blog posts to share–whether it’s the next day, next week, month from the time you publish it. CoSchedule shows which are your top performing posts and encourages you to share them again to increase engagement.

So how much does it cost?

CoSchedule charges $10 a month, but if that’s too much for your pocket right now, CoSchedule offers 10% discount for every referral (they must be paying referrals!) and even 50% if you review their service. Obviously, you know which option I’m going with. Haha. If you also purchase the one-year package, the cost per month goes down to $9 a month! Even if I’ve only been on trial-mode–I’m still saving up to be able to purchase a one-year package plan–I can say that the time you’ll save and the increased engagement is worth the money you’ll pay for!

If you’re the type who needs to see/experience it to believe it, I suggest you go with their 14-day free trial. Visit CoSchedule now!

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