Songs You Need to Start Your Week Happy

Songs You Need to Start Your Week Happy

Another week, another Music Mondays post. There’s nothing like starting off your week with some good tunes. In this week’s music picks are a mix of new and not-so-new songs that emit good vibes.

Here are 5 songs to add to your music collection. Happy listening x


Talk Too Much – COIN

I’m kicking off this week’s music suggestions with this upbeat song. “Talk Too Much” is one of my favourite COIN songs. It’s not a new release, but it’s one of those songs I keep coming back to because it’s so fun to listen to. The chorus has this infectious energy that makes me want to burst out dancing and jumping. If you like this song, I highly recommend you check out the rest of their music.

Wild Love – James Bay

This track is so different from what I expected a James Bay song to sound like. It’s unlike anything he’s ever done before. First, the new hair. Now, a new genre of music. If you’re familiar with his music, then the first few seconds of “Wild Love” will let you know just how different it is from the sound that propelled him to the top charts.

So far the song has been met with polar reviews: some absolutely love it and others hate it. There are those who argue how generic pop James Bay’s sound has become with this song, but as I’ve said before, we can’t expect an artist to produce the same kind of material every time.

I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed this song. Maybe it’s because I’ve tried to set aside the notion that his sound is only supposed to be like that of “The Chaos and Calm”. Maybe, on some level, seeing him chop his hair meant more than just chopping his hair. It was his way of signalling to his fans that this change extended to his music.

The intro of “Wild Love” sounded familiar, and after listening to it over and over, it does remind me of those generic pop songs on the radio. I still really like this song though.

This is foreign territory for James Bay in terms of his sound, but I’m keeping an open mind with his upcoming second album. It may not be “The Chaos and the Calm” sound a lot of fans fell in love with, but who knows…maybe there will be a track from the new album that’ll be an ode to his previous sound.

Retrospect – Vistas

Vistas is a band I discovered last year through the lead singer of one of my all-time favourite bands. He’d been tweeting about them, and so I listened to their music.

The Vistas sound is very indie rock, which is a genre I love. And I’m noticing how many UK bands I keep adding to my artists-I-love list. “Retrospect” is their latest single.


High On Humans – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is one of my favourite artists. Their song “Ultralife” was one of my top music picks last year, and I honestly can’t wait for their upcoming mall tour this week. I’ve been able to see them live once, and they’re one of those duos who sound amazing live. “High on Humans” is another one of my favourites off of their second album together with “Heavy” and “Lifetimes.”


Hot Lights – LANY

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, it’s no secret that I’m a huge LANY fan. I had their box set shipped to the Philippines and filmed an unboxing video for those who want to know what’s inside.

I discovered their music through their songs “Bad, Bad, Bad” and “Made in Hollywood”. I’d actually heard the latter song being played on local radio a few years ago without knowing it was them yet. I just remember thinking I had to memorize the song lyrics, so I could look up who the band was. Haha.

Though I am a huge LANY fan, I didn’t know their song “Hot Lights” until late last year. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I didn’t know that that was one of the first songs they posted online. Anyway, I wanted to share the song with you, too, in case you haven’t heard of it yet! It’s kinda cool to see how much their sound has evolved from this song to their debut album. They’ve been writing songs, so I hope we can get to hear one of those new tracks soon.


And those are the five tracks I wanted to share with you for this week’s Music Mondays. Which one did you enjoy the most?

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