How can we possibly get over one of the best international music festivals of 2016? Truth is, I don’t think we ever will, but the beauty is that we can flash back to that glorious day anytime we want. And we can look forward to ParadiseIMF 2017!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine you’re back in the hot, sandy, musical feast that is Paradise IMF.

On we go!


It was one big heat wave, but the heat is part of Paradise. After all, when you think of the word Paradise wouldn’t it conjure up a sultry, crystal shore at the beach?

Once at the main entrance, you will have to pass through a huge banner that will transport you into Paradise. After tapping your wristbands and going through security check, you are officially inside the venue.

The amount of sand flying around–whipping and blowing into our ears, mouths, hairs, you name it!–will make you feel like you’re in a desert. Sort of like Coachella, I suppose.


If you had the GA or VIP keys to Paradise, you were free to enter and exit the venue as you wish. I love how the organisers gave the concertgoers this freedom.

Paradise also adopted the RFID system into their wristbands and it was efficiently executed. Re-entry was smooth. If you encountered any hiccups with your key, they had a booth dedicated to addressing all RFID concerns. Only once did my RFID not work, but that was because my key did not have access to a certain entrance.

The feedback circulating around the Internet about Paradise IMF has been nothing but positive and it’s no surprise! It even trended in the U.S.A.! How crazy is that? IMG_9219

Paradise IMF raised the standard for international music festivals in the country. All acts started on the dot. Well, save for Kanye’s, but he was worth that extra thirty minute wait. The RFID passes worked efficiently for re-entry as well as for the food booths. The lines to buy food or merchandise were never at a complete standstill. There were water-only and beer-only booths, which definitely helped the speed of the lines. RFID reloading stations as well as medical stations were scattered throughout the venue.

Champ Lui Pio of Hale Paradise IMF

You’re thinking: what about the music? Of course, that was at the heart of it all! Paradise offered festival goers that true international music festival vibe with the incredible lineup. It was one big musical feast with the diversity of genres. Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip-hop or electronic music, there was a musical act just for you! It was lovely to see that majority of the acts in the lineup were local.

Jessica Milner Paradise IMF

Local tastemakers: Lenses, Giniling Festival, Maude, Yolanda Moon, Katsy Lee, Cheats, Hale, Clara Benin, Jessica Milner, DJ Nina + Joyce Pring, Itchyworms, Up Dharma Down

Dj Nina Paradise IMF

Joyce Pring

International waves: The Airplane Boys, 4th Impact, Austin Mahone, Rudimental, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Afrojack and Dj Rivero!

4th Impact Paradise IMF

Itchyworms Paradise IMF

Obvious show-stoppers and highlights were Up Dharma Down’s brilliant live performance–their sound is always on point; Rudimental’s high energy and funky set; Itchyworm’s humour and music; Wiz Khalifa’s mischievous inflatables, euphoric set opening powerfully with his hit Black and Yellow. And of course, who will ever forget Kanye West’s incredible set? He played a ninety-minute set with his full light show–the same one he used in Glastonbury.

Armi Millare Up Dharma Down Paradise IMF Up Dharma Down Paradise IMF

No matter the show or festival, there are always points for improvement. For Paradise, they are: more trash bins, a venue with lesser dust and better connectivity. At shows, it’s usually difficult to go online with the volume of people connecting to the same network. Sometimes, it’s good that there’s no connectivity because festival goers can focus on the experience. Live in the moment–the way a music festival or any live show should be experienced.

Austin Mahone Paradise IMF


Rudimental Paradise IMF

Rudimental Paradise IMF

Wiz Khalifa Paradise IMF

Kanye West Paradise IMF

Afrojack Paradise IMF

A day in Paradise is not enough. I’ve been seeing so many posts online where people are still stuck in Paradise. PCD has never been this hard, my concert friends. Feeling stuck isn’t so bad when it’s about Paradise IMF.

How are you dealing with the ParadiseIMFAftermath? I’ve kept my concert memorabilia’s in my concert scrapbook.

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