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Playlist: See the Sun Vol. 6

Sharing with you a playlist with songs that I can’t stop listening to lately. Hope you enjoy!! What are your […]

See the Sun Vol. 5

Here is a new playlist of tunes that I absolutely dig to start your 2017 in the right track. I […]

Dealing with Sick Days Playlist

Dealing with Sick Days Playlist

I’ve been away for about a week recovering from a cold & cough. I’m still sick as I type this out, […]

Now Hear This: Vol. 3

Now Hear This: Vol. 3

Monday is a day you normally wouldn’t look forward to. I’ve put together a playlist, Now Hear This: Vol. 3 […]

Mixtape 6: No Left Turn

Haven’t posted a playlist in a while, so I thought, hey, why not share some new tunes? Hope you dig! […]

Mixtape #5: Nostalgia

This month’s mixtape is a flashback to the early 2000s–for our teenage rebellious selves! Press play and feel the nostalgia […]