An interview with Filipino band

The Winkeltripel

The Winkeltripel interview

Photography by Neil Kenneth Sael

How did The Winkeltripel start? 

Tobs: Pau, Weak and I were in several bands before. In one of our bands, we actually even was able to make an album. However, due to differences in priorities, the band eventually broke up. The three of us stuck together and decided to take our love for post-rock/ambient music as inspiration to form a new band. We looked for a bassist. Luckily Paolo B. answered call and here we are.

Paulo R: Yes, Tobs, Weak and I have been playing music together for several years already. Good thing we got Paolo B. to join us in 2016 to play bass for the band. I think our chemistry is really good!

Please introduce yourselves

Weak: Weak on guitar. I was in several bands with PJ and Tobs before The Winkeltripel.

Paulo R: They call me PJ sometimes but most people call me Paulo. I play the guitar for the band as well.

Tobs: I’m Tobs on drums.

Paolo B: I’m Paolo Balingit and I play the bass guitar. I found the band while browsing the online forum, Philmusic. They were looking for a bass player back then, so I decided to contact them and try out for the part. Fortunately I got it, and the rest is history.

the winkeltripel interview
If you could be a song, what would that song be and why?

Paolo B: Just Like Heaven by The Cure.

Tobs: Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Falling by tom petty. Any song with the word “free”.

Weak: Home Is Where The Haunt is by American Football.

Paulo R: This one is hard because I really like a lot of songs. But maybe I’ll pick John Mayer’s “War of My Life” because I think I’m at the time in my life now where I really want to accomplish a lot of important things


the winkeltripel interview
Is music your full-time job?

Paulo R: Nope, but how I wish it was, haha! Anyway, I work in the IT field as the rest of the guys in the band.
Paolo B: No. I’m an IT Supervisor by day. 
Tobs: No. In IT Project Management.
Weak: No. I’m currently working as a Software Project Manager.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Paolo B: The Cure, Metallica, The Police, Crowded House, Incubus, Lamb of God.. too many to mention actually.
Tobs:Too many to mention. Listening to a lot of John Coltrane and Arctic monkeys lately though. Local? Hired guns like Mike Alba, Rickson Ruiz, karel honasan…Yosha. Kz Tandingan is scary good!
Weak: It’s really hard to pick a favorite. But I’m currently listening to Truckfighters, Don Broco, Minus the Bear, Enemies, LITE and FKA Twigs.
Paulo R: I’m a big John Mayer fan. I also like listening to Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath and the Beatles. At the moment, though, my favorites include Polyphia and Royal Blood. As for local bands I like UDD, Kjwan, Brisom, Tom’s Story, Tide/Edit, Razorback

If you could describe your sound using Filipino food, what would it be and why?

Tobs: Chop suey with laman loob and chicharon (not sure if thats pinoy), it’s healthy and bad for you at the same time!

Weak: Sisig. Everyone has their own preference on how to consume them.

Paulo R: Vegetable Kare-kare with bagoong because I really like its taste haha 

Do you have any advocacies that you support whether personal or through your music?
Tobs: None at the moment but we’d like to get into children’s education and welfare in the future.
For those about to listen your music for the first time, which track do you suggest they listen to first?

All: Black Mirror! 

Weak: Well, “Black Mirror” since it’s our only released single as of now. Haha!

What does The Winkeltripel have in store this year?
Weak: Hoping to release another single or maybe an EP!
Tobs: More songs; gigs 
Paulo R: Expect new music from us and gigs this year.
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