Top Music Picks for 2017

How do I sum up this year’s music selection? It’s been a year full of fantastic music releases. Every time an artist I absolutely adored put out new music, I’d eagerly await for the songs to go live on Spotify. Once they did, I’d take a moment out to listen to the songs and immerse in them completely–just me and the music.

There are times I press the play button with a discomfort in my stomach for worry that I might not like the music as much as I want to. Have you ever been anticipating an album release that you have such high hopes that you’re going to love the songs, but the moment you listen to the songs, you are, well, a little disappointed? It’s happened to me time and time again, but this year I’ve tried not to put too much expectation or pressure of loving the music because I love a certain artist.

It’s only natural that the sound of these artists change as they grow as individuals and as artists, but it’s okay if you don’t love it the way you loved their previous work. You just have to remember that you have to respect their growth as artists. If you love it, then that’s excellent. If not, that’s okay, too.

This year’s music releases were fun to anticipate and finally listen to: from EPs to full length albums. Here’s a quick round down of some of the music launched this year: She’s Only Sixteen’s debut album “Whatever That Was”, Oh Wonder’s sophomore album, “Ultralife“, Reese Lansangan’s “Of Sound Mind & Memory EP”, TheSunManager’s “Worth” , LANY’s debut album, Cheats’ second album, “Before the Babies”, and Phoenix’s Ti Amo.

Expect the next few blog posts to be about “the best of” or roundups of the year. Let’s get straight to the music. Here are a list of songs I absolutely loved this 2017. I’ve tried to keep most of the songs on this list to the music released this year, but if you’re interested to know the full range–not just those songs released this year–scroll down below. I’ve listed how you can get your top tracks via Spotify and also view my full playlist.

My Top Music Picks for 2017 a.k.a. My Favorite Songs of 2017

Super Far – LANY

Of course, me being me, the first top pick is a LANY song. If you’ve been reading this blog a while now, you’ll know that I’m a massive LANY fan. Super Far is my favorite track from their debut album. It’s super catchy, and if you watch the official music video, you’ll see Jake, Les, and Paul going out of their comfort zones and dancing. I’m hoping that they perform even a verse worth of choreo when they come to Manila next year. If you want a more mellow version of this song, listen to the stripped version here.

Safety – Carousel Casualties

Carousel Casualties has easily become one of my favorite local bands. Safety was the first song I heard from them back in 2016. Though first released in 2016, this song is included in their Madison EP, which was released this year. The version on the EP is a longer one, though I prefer the 2016 release.

Don’t Come Down – The Maine

This song has made me fall in love with The Maine all over again. Back in High School, I was a massive The Maine fan. Every time they were in town, I made sure to catch a show even if it meant traveling from one end of the metro to the other. Over the years, their sound has evolved, and so has my music preferences. I’d still listen to their new releases, but my love for their music wasn’t as strong as it had been… until their album Lovely Little Lonely came out. Lovely Little Lonely is reminiscent to the “Black & White” era, but with edgier electric guitar riffs. The lyrics of “Don’t Come Down” speak of living in the now, whether that be at a club dancing to the music or at a concert.

Ultralife – Oh Wonder

I love how happy this song is and the emotions it sets off: excitement, joy, positivity. It’s one massive package of bliss! The melody makes me want to burst into dance. The album, also titled “Ultralife”, has a more upbeat song selection than their debut album. When they first released music, their songs had a more melancholic hint, but with Ultralife, it’s a generally more happy album. Oh Wonder is one of my all time favorite bands. Whether you’re a fan or not, seeing them live is truly an experience.



Hard Times – Paramore

2017 was a year that a lot of my favourite bands from the early 2000s released new music. Paramore is no exception to that list. This new sound is so far from the Paramore who released their debut album “All We Know is Falling”, but as stated above, a band’s sound evolves. And I’m loving this new sound! Though this song talks about going through a difficult time in one’s life, I love how the melody is the complete opposite. It’s fast, and has that quirky 80’s vibe to it.

Velcro – Jerry Williams

I discovered Jerry Williams through one of Megan Ellaby’s vlogs, and I’m so glad I did. From the first few seconds of hearing the song, I knew I found another artist I would love. Check out her other songs, “Babe” and “Boys Don’t Cry.”


Holiday – Mickey Sulit

Mickey Sulit is a Filipina singer/songwriter based in Australia who made it to the 2017 Wanderland Music and Arts festival stage. This original song debuted on Philippine shores when she performed it during the Wanderband competition in BGC last 2016. It’s such a catchy tune, and it’s a treat to witness her fun performance on stage. She’s definitely an artist that should be on your radar!


Three Thirty – Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety is another one of those bands I discovered earlier this year. Their sound is simple, yet has this punch of emotion. The simplicity of their melodies give way to the lyrics that speak of the complexity of relationships. If you dig this song, I highly recommend you listen to their Elizabeth EP.


Ilaw sa Daan- IV of Spades

IV of Spades is also another local band that I’m loving. Each song IV of Spades has put out, I’ve added to my favorite songs list. I’ve also included them in my “Beginner’s Guide to the Philippine Indie Music Scene” e-book, where I talk about which bands you should know and where to find gigs in Manila.


New Rules – Dua Lipa

This song is everywhere. At first, I didn’t get why everyone loved this song, but overtime it grew on me, and now every time I hear it on the radio or at the mall, I can’t not sing along. I prefer the stripped version of this song because you can really hear the vocal range and talent of Dua.


Take What You Want from Me – ONE OK ROCK

Whenever I drive, if I’m not listening to one of my CDs–I’m one of those people who still collect CDs–I listen to the radio. I never listened to this song on Spotify until recently, but whenever I hear it playing on the radio, I sing my heart out. For those few minutes, I forget about the rude drivers or the horrible traffic and head bang to the beat and sing along.

And there you have it: my top music picks for 2017!

I’ll be collating my favorite moments in music for this year, and maybe a post about how I organise my concert memorablia.

Here’s my music statistics as per Spotify’s “My 2017 Wrapped” :

You can get your curated list here. If you want to know what’s in my playlist, you can view it here.

What are your favorite songs of 2017?? I’d love to hear your top music picks for 2017.


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  1. I love that therels quality Filipino indie songs in your list. Just discovered IV of Spades and Mickey Sulit through this list. 2017 was really a Reese and Autotelic year for me ?

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