Top Music Picks for February

Top Music Picks for February

Aside from attending shows, discovering songs online or on the radio are a great way to explore the music scene of any place. It’s another way you can get a glimpse of the culture of a place. Sometimes you can’t understand the lyrics, but the melody or tone of the song can still be relatable. When I discover songs I like, I want to share it with others, and hope that, they, too, will enjoy the song.

Top music picks is becoming a favourite series here on the blog. These monthly music picks not only rounds up the new songs for the month, but may include older releases from time to time.  Like last months post, this February’s music picks are heavy on songs that were released this month.


Here are the top music picks for February


Make Me Sing – Leanne & Naara 

“Make Me Sing” is the latest release from this female power duo. Ever since stumbling upon their song “New York and Back” on Spotify last year, Leanne & Naara have been on my radar. There’s just something about their voices that’s so calming. Their music has bossa nova elements, but with an indie, modern twist.


Growing Pains – COIN

I’ve really been enjoying COIN‘s music lately because certain songs of theirs never fail to make me want to dance. I love how upbeat their songs are, and like the last song I recommended, this particular song also has an anthemic chorus.

What I love about the song is that even though it was written in reference to the lead singer’s relationship with his girlfriend, it still explores a feeling everyone goes through, which is indecision. The lyrics go, “I can’t ever seem to make up my mind. Now, what does that say about me?” It can even be applied to when you feel like you’re going through an existential crisis. 


Lifetimes – Oh Wonder

One of the biggest highlights of this month is seeing Oh Wonder live twice. “Lifetimes” is not a newly released track, but this song has been a favourite this month. It was one of those songs that I enjoyed experiencing live, and one of my favorite tracks from their recent album, Ultralife.


First Kiss – Mandaue Nights

“First Kiss” is one of those songs that within a few seconds of hearing, I knew I would love. Since the song titles were in English, I was surprised to discover that the lyrics were in another dialect. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics, the melody is something I really enjoy.

When I listen to the song, I imagine a bunch of people in floral button downs and shades. The ultimate chill scenario at the beach. The song is soothing, but also very danceable. If you enjoyed this track, I highly suggest you check Mandaue Nights’ other song, “You & I”

Normal – Sasha Sloan

I love how simple this song is. It’s Sasha Sloan‘s voice and few key instruments. The simplicity allows you to appreciate Sasha’s voice and the groove of the song.

“Normal” talks about how we sometimes do things we don’t even like. There’s something about wanting to feel like we belong that makes us do things that may go against who we are.


Wild Love (Acoustic) – James Bay 

I can’t get enough of this song, no matter how different it sounds from James Bay‘s previous material. He’s come out with different versions of the video for this song: from a lyric video to the official music video. A few days after releasing the music video, he surprised fans with another version of the song–an acoustic, stripped down version.

I have a soft spot for acoustic/stripped down versions of my favorite songs. At times, I even prefer the acoustic version to the original. For this song in particular, I love how you can really hear James’ voice. No autotune, no other elements. Just him going back to his roots: him and a guitar.


We & Us – Moira Dela Torre

Moira Dela Torre has been around in the music scene for a while, but it’s only in the last couple of months that her music blew up. Her voice is so lovely.

February has been a momentous month for her. After her headlining concert at the Kia Theater earlier this month, it was also announced that she’d be performing for Boyce Avenue’s return at the Araneta Coliseum. She also released her album, “Malaya”, this month. One of my favorite songs from the album is “We & Us”, but go give the whole album a listen.

You may have heard her song, “Malaya” or maybe even through that short viral clip of her singing “Baby Shark.” It’s the best version of Baby Shark I’ve heard. I wish I’d discovered her music sooner.



That’s it for this month’s list. What are your favorite songs for February? Let me know in the comments below.


Featured photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash


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