Top Music Picks for January

With the culmination of January approaching, and the success of the last music picks post, I thought I’d make this a monthly thing. January’s top music picks are mostly songs that were released this month.
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January has been a month full of unexpected twists and turns. I’ve been challenged to go out of my comfort zone, which is both terrifying and good. Change can be overwhelming. So if you’ve been going through any major life changes, breathe. It’ll work out eventually. Maybe music can be an anchor. Or at the very least, help you feel less alone.

Here are the top music picks for January

Miracle Mountain – Leah Halili

From the first few seconds of the song, you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to dreamy state. “Miracle Mountain” is one of those songs that’s perfect for an adventure with nature or a road trip. Leah Halili also plays for The Ransom Collective, and “Miracle Mountain” is her first single for this year. I can’t wait to hear what other songs she’ll put out.

Pocket – Reese Lansangan

“Pocket” is another song perfect for a road trip playlist and elicits that warm summer feeling. It just really makes you feel happy. Reese put out this song a day after completing it, and said that by posting the song online, it’s her way of sharing her songwriting journey.

Different – The Academic 

Ever since I watched The Academic’s brilliant Facebook live performance of “Bear Claws” (they creatively incorporated the time delay), I’ve been a fan. This January they released an album, and their song “Different” is one of my favourites. The rest of the tracks off The Academic‘s debut album, “Tales from the Backseat” are also worth the listen.


Black Mirror – The Winkeltripel

Instrumental rock band The Winkeltripel have been around since 2016. This year they released their first single, “Black Mirror”, which is inspired by, and named after the popular tv show Black Mirror. I’m really digging this song. It starts off slow, and builds up to an upbeat tempo that’ll have you head banging.

For a Friend – Cyra Krizna

Cyra Krizna uses her platform to uplift and spread a positive message. Her first original was a song called “Braver“, which encourages people to believe in themselves. And now, her latest release, “For a Friend” is another reminder that there are days that feel tough, but we must remember that we are always enough. I love the line, “I know you are, you’re enough.”


Cheetah Tongue – The Wombats

The Wombats is one of my favourite bands from the UK. And I’m really loving this latest release of theirs, which is very upbeat and catchy.


What are your top music picks for the month of January?


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