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Top Music Picks for March

Another month, another top music picks post. As always, this series is meant to highlight the songs released this month though there may be an occasional song or two that’s from previous months.

This month, in general, these picks have a vibe of being upbeat. Some of them will make you want to nod or tap your feet. Some will pull you back into a mellower, reflective state.

Within – Eileen Robles

Last year, Eileen released her first single, “Mango Trees”, which was written about missing the Philippines. This year, she plans to release an EP, but in the meantime, she’s given us another track to love called “Within.” Her songs just keep getting better and better. “Within” has been on loop since I first heard it. I can already imagine a music video in my head every time I listen to it. It’s so powerful and uplifting.


She’s a Mystery – Carousel Casualties

I’ve mentioned before how I really enjoy Carousel Casualties’ music. “She’s a Mystery” is their latest single, and it’s a little slower in terms of the vibe and tempo, but still has that indie rock feel to it.


Pieces – J O S L I N

This song starts off simple with the strumming of an acoustic guitar. When the singing starts, it’s accompanied by a piano. The lyrics pull you into a whimsical daydream that’s reminiscent of being in love, but also of heartbreak.

Feel The Night – The Morning Episodes

“Feel the Night” is about those magical, but fleeting moments. Like attending your favorite band’s gig or experiencing a concert with your friends. It’s a song that encourages you to make the most out of your experience. When it comes down to the beat and melody, it’s such a feel-good song.

The song is The Morning Episodes‘ second single and a collaboration with No One’s Home.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of their music!


Made in Hollywood – LANY

This song has been keeping me company and uplifting my spirits during my daily commute. I fell in love with this song all over again. Maybe because I’m so excited to see LANY live in Manila again in a few days.


Wanna Dance with You – Fern.

If you want something that’s a little more chill, but still has that beat that makes you want to dance, then Fern.’s “Wanna Dance with You” is that song.

Bad Girls Don’t Cry – The Night Game

The Night Game is a new band on the block having only released their debut single last October. Though quite new to the music scene, they’ve already opened for John Mayer and have been garnering positive reviews of their live shows. What drew them to my radar was through following their lead singer Martin Johnson’s social media profiles. The name may sound familiar, as Martin was also the frontman of the band Boys Like Girls. The sound is completely different from BLG in a really good way.


That’s a round-up of my top music picks for March. Let me know which one you liked in the comments. What are your favourite songs for the month?

Photo by Sime Basioli on Unsplash

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