One of the best things about the United Kingdom and Europe is how easy it is to take spontaneous trips to cities nearby.The original plan was to visit Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and camp there, but we decided on a day trip.  It was only the night before that my friends and I agreed to spend our Saturday off at Bristol, which was two hours away from Oxford.

What was supposed to be a day trip spilled over to the day after. We got lost in a mountain, missed the last train to Oxford, and got lost in another city. I won’t get into the details because that’s another story I can tell How I Met Your Mother style.

Bristol is a city full of art, literally! They had an abundance of music shops. The avid music fan in me wanted to go all out on a record buying spree! Every corner I looked, there was graffiti. Not just any graffiti, either! If you’ve heard of Banksy, you’ll know that his work is plastered all over the city. One of my friends was a huge fan, so we went Banksy art hunting. It was fun running around the city and spotting them.  We spotted about four, if I remember correctly. Needless to say, it was a day (and night) forever etched in my memory because of the epic adventure–err, you know, getting lost countless times–that day!

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