Traveloka App Helps You Find a Hotel For Your Next Music Festival

Music lovers dream of attending at least one music festival in their life. In the Philippines, there has been an emergence of many music festivals in the last four years. Some music lovers have even gone to neighbouring countries or even as far as Europe or the US to experience their dream festival.

There’s Malasimbo and Wanderland this March. Chroma, Lubao and Pulp Summer Slam in April. Even in other countries, there are many music festivals they can watch depending on what genre and culture they want to experience.

With music festival season approaching, music lovers who travel out of the city or to another country need a place to stay. They need not be worried about where to stay because the Traveloka App helps them find the right hotel at a great price. Traveloka is a prominent South East Asian online travel agency that helps travelers book flights and hotels at great prices.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find a good hotel deal using the Traveloka App:

The Traveloka App is available for free at the Google Play Store (Android users) and at the App Store (iOS users).

Let’s get started!

traveloka app

STEP 1: Open the Traveloka App and go to Hotels 

If the music festival is outside of the Philippines, the Traveloka App has an international hotel search finder under the “Int’l Hotels” tab.

 traveloka app

STEP 2: Search for a hotel near your music festival location

Input the destination, check-in date, duration, number of guests and number of rooms. From there, a list of hotels will load on the screen. This list can be filtered according to its star rating, price per night, luxury or budget, accommodation types and landmarks; sorted according to popularity, price or rating; and can even be viewed on a map to see how close the hotel is to the festival venue.

From experience, the hotels that show up in the list are already on discount and the price indicated is inclusive of tax.

traveloka app


Step 3: Browse Hotels and Select Hotel Room Type

When browsing the hotels, a detailed information page with the following will appear: hotel facilities, TripAdvisor rating, review, location (where it is on the map and the landmarks near the hotel), a description of the hotel, and the room types available. Choose the room that best fits your stay.


traveloka app

Step 4: Input your contact details 

Before contact details are filled out, a page with the booking information appears, so that it can be reviewed. Once at the Contact Details page, fill out the name, telephone and e-mail fields.

Tip: Be sure to use the same e-mail as your Traveloka account, so that once you’ve successfully booked the hotel, it will appear in your “My Bookings”. Otherwise, you’ll have to create another Traveloka account with that e-mail in order to view it in the app. No matter what e-mail is used during booking, Traveloka sends the booking details to the number and e-mail once it’s confirmed.


Step 5: Review Booking

Before the payment page appears, the app shows the details of the booking. Be sure to double check the information before proceeding to payment.

traveloka app

Step 6: Pay 

Traveloka has a number of options for payment whether it’s cash, credit card or bank counters. Discount coupons must be used in this page for it to apply when at the payment details page.

Here is the list of official Traveloka payment partners:

traveloka payment pa

traveloka app

Step 7: Receive confirmation text and e-mail from Traveloka

Once the hotel booking has been made, Traveloka automatically sends a confirmation text message and e-mail. Attached in the e-mail is the booking ID, receipt and hotel voucher.

And that, dear music lover, is how simple and fast it is to use Traveloka to book a hotel for your next music festival!

‘Til the next moment in music,


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